Children of the Sun


Meredith Zhao kicks butt at math olympiads, wins Rubik’s cube competitions, and loves ramen. But she has a secret: she is a Deviant, a genetic mutant who sets things on fire. Only one other person knows: her loving adoptive father Detective Rio Zhao who arrests rogue Deviants for a living. While snooping around Rio’s workplace, Meredith stumbles upon notes left behind by a former detective, detailing the unresolved case of three young women who died of unknown causes. 

Unable to curb her curiosity, Meredith masquerades as a detective and delves into the mystery. She discovers the reason behind the murders – someone wants all Deviants dead. To stop him, Meredith must join forces with a Deviant rebel group from an online forum, including the mysterious ZenPanda, who teaches her to manipulate her Deviant abilities. As she draws closer to the answer, Meredith faces a decision: continue to live the life she has always known or reject it to save her own kind.

CHILDREN OF THE SUN is a 67,000-word young adult mystery with elements of science fiction, but at its heart it is a coming of age tale about self-love in the face of adversity. This manuscript is written as a standalone novel with potential for a sequel.

Genre: MG Sci-Fi Mystery


  • Draft 1: November 2007
  • Draft 2: December 2017 – May 2018
  • Draft 3: May – July 2019
  • Draft 4: September 2019
  • Draft 5: February – March 2020
  • Draft 6: April 2020 – present (in progress)


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