The Writer’s Tag!

The Writer's tag

Happy Wednesday!

But… but… What happened to WIPPet Wednesday, you ask!?

Usually I post a snippet of my WIP on Wednesdays, but this Wednesday, well………. I actually have no snippet for you guys.


This is because I am still plotting and researching my new novel, and I want to make sure I get all the kinks ironed out before I put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard.) No worries: I am actively working on it, every single night.

So, instead, I will be doing The Writer’s Tag. Thanks to The Orang-utan Librarian for tagging me. Be sure to check out her post and her blog, because both are absolutely awesome.

What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

The novel that I just finished is a contemporary fiction about art history and depression. It’s… pretty heavy, and now I am ready for something lighter.

My new project is a young adult science fiction novel about human genomic editing, space exploration, and pharmaceuticals. Did you know that in February 2017, the first human embryo was genetically edited in the US? (Fact.) Can you imagine a world in which editing of the human genome is accepted and even preferred?


Long story short: A bit of everything! I am still experimenting with which genre(s) jive with me the most.

How long have you been writing?

Ever since I picked up a pencil and learned to make coherent sentences! I remember writing my first short story when I was in my ESL (English as a Second Language) class in grade 3. I used to fold printer paper in half and staple them in the middle to make a “book” :’)

Here is little Asian me:


Why do you write?

I have people in my head who talk and if I don’t write I will probably go crazy.

When is the best time to write?

All day everyday! However due to adulting demands, that is impossible :’)


What parts of writing do you love and hate?

I love…

  • Creating characters and worlds
  • Being able escape real life (come on guys, adulting isn’t what it’s hyped up to be)
  • The feeling of being so absorbed into your world and your story that you forget that you are just a writer punching words into a word processor

I hate…

  • Writer’s block
  • Hearing about the plot of another book that sounds similar to your own (Hey, WE had that idea first)
  • Showing my story to other people (“Sophie, I just read this part in your novel and-” “AHHHH NO DON’T TALK ABOUT IT- IT SUCKS!!!!” [plugs ears])


How do you overcome writer’s block?

I stare at my laptop screen until a word comes out (it works.)

Are you working on something at the moment?


What are your writing goals this year?

In the next 40 days of 2017 (What?! 40 days?! Really?! I know right?) I am hoping to finish planning this novel and start writing it. Small steps :’)

Thanks for reading, you guys!

I tag these fantastic folks: Marie, Dani, Beth, CaitJW Martin, Phil Taylor, Jeanne G’Fellers, AM Leibowitz, and Fallon Brown. And of course, any other writer reading this post!

(You absolutely do not have to do this tag, if you have done it before, or if you just don’t like doing tags.)


How long does it take for you to jump from one WIP to the next? What do you like and dislike about writing? What are your writing goals this year? How is Nanowrimo going?!

44 Replies to “The Writer’s Tag!”

  1. Don’t worry about WIPPet, a change is always pleasant after some time! And it was totally worth it, it is nice learning more stuff about you!
    I’ve got only one WIP but it’s been around for decades (yes I know, I’d need a whole book just explaining why). However thanks to a brand new site, called World Anvil, my work is finally taking a coherent shape! If you are into world building (either for RPGs or for novels) have a look at it!

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    1. Hello Michael! Haha yes, sometimes it is refreshing for me to break from the routine too 🙂
      That’s great to hear that your WIP is progressing along! Is this the RPG that you were talking about before? Looking forward to hearing more updates!
      I will take a look at that website, as I will need to do some worldbuilding for my current RPG 🙂

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      1. I took a peek at your page- looks like your world building is quite extensive so far! I will have to take a closer look later 🙂
        Right now I am using scrivener to organize my plot and research, but I am curious about this website so I signed up. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      2. You are welcome! I’ve struggled with scrivener before but it’s way more oriented towards novels. Thank you for having a look at my world (and yes it’s quite extensive), please, send your world’s details when you start building it!

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      3. Yes I can see how scrivener is more novel-based! I am waiting for an email from World Anvil before I can create an account (I think they are limiting the number of betas that they can take!) but I will give it a try :’) My world is less exciting though! (Since it will actually be very very similar to the world that we live in now)

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  2. This was super cool to hear about your writing! And YOUR IDEA sounds so interesting!! I would totally read that book, love the whole idea. I don’t really believe in writer’s block, but that may be because I’ve never had it…. before. (I know, I’m jinxing myself XD )

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    1. Thank you for your super sweet comment, Sam! Haha I suppose writer’s block is something that exists for those who believe in it (like magic! And ghosts!) That’s great to hear that you haven’t experienced it before 🙂


  3. Thanks for the tag. I’ll definitely be doing this one!

    Art history AND depression, huh? That does sound heavy. Genetic editing in space sounds cool. Can’t wait to hear more as it develops.

    I just finished a draft at the end of October (and am anxiously waiting on some feedback from betas) and am about 25k into a YA/Fantasy (Steampunk/Sci-Fi? I’m really bad at genres) where the human race has evolved into different sub-species. Three youths, all from different subs, all have to work together to perform a heist.

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    1. Hello JW!
      You’re welcome. Looking forward to seeing your answers!
      Congrats on finishing your draft. Your current WIP sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more about it! Is this a Nanowrimo novel by any chance?
      Since I am now writing a sci fi novel as well, I am beginning to appreciate the amount of world building that has to happen :’)

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      1. It did start as a NaNo novel, but I’m way behind on my word count. It’ll continue as a regular novel whether I catch up or not. I normally don’t abandon NaNo projects unless it’s turning into a plane crash, and this one is definitely not!

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      2. That’s great to hear that your novel is going well! In terms of the word count, I think that quality is more important than quantity. It is better to write 50 good words that we will keep, than 5000 bad words that will have to be rewritten 🙂

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      3. Ah, I see. That’s true about first drafts. All the best! Even if you don’t finish the novel by the end of November, you are farther than you would’ve been otherwise. Looking forward to hearing more about your novel 🙂

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  4. I MISS YOUR WIP-PETS SOOOOOOO MUCH SOPHIE. That had to be said, ahah, but no pressure, I will be eagerly waiting until you are ready to start writing this new, fabulous idea of yours. I can’t wait to read it and have some snippets of that 🙂
    I really liked getting to know the writer a little bit more with this tag, it was fun to read. It’s so great that you’ve been writing ever since you knew how, I was the same way. Best of luck for your end-of-the-year goals! 🙂

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    1. Hello Marie! Aw thank you for your sweet comment ❤ I think I will take my time with research and plotting for this novel, so I will be able to avoid plot holes and inconsistencies later on. Hopefully I will have a snippet in a few weeks?
      I am glad to hear that you also loved writing when you were small. I guess that is something that we writers have in common, right? 🙂

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      1. Thank you Marie! I love researching and plotting- sometimes I wonder if I like this part more than the actual writing itself. It is fun to create the plot without stressing over how to phrase something. And researching is always fun since I learn so much 🙂

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  5. Hey Sophie! This is a great tag, right?! I’ll enjoy doing it! ❤ I loved your answers specifically hearing about your new WIP research! I love when a sci-fi is based on hard science and they takes some liberties. I ALSO hate reading a premise and it sounds suspiciously LIKE MY IDEA, hahhhaha. And I agree about writer's block… sit there long enough and something does eventually come. I have the benefit of having a writing partner and if I'm stuck or she's stuck we talk… its normally about your mind being in disorder. Excited to see more when you are ready Sophie! ❤

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    1. Hi Dani!
      Thank you for your sweet comment ❤ Looking forward to seeing your answers! Haha yes, I think good research is a must for any sci-fi book.
      Glad that I’m not the only one who feels that way about other books with similar plots :’) And yes it is very helpful to have a writing partner! Sometimes all we need is a sounding board to work out a kink in the plot, or to get inspired 🙂

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  6. Hey there Sophie!! It’s nice to hear more about your writing. I mean.. ever since you first mentioned that new idea for a novel of yours, my mind was blown. It definitely sounds super intriguing! Do you plan on reading any particular scifi novel to get more inspiration? Or do you prefer not to see what has been done in fear of seeing similarities with the ideas you come up? Hhahahaah I swear.. that fraud-syndrome as I like to call it is not something that can be easily overlooked!!! I have colleagues, myself included, who fear for it when we write up our thesis for example hahaha Wonderful answers though, super intriguing! 😀

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    1. Thank you Lashaan! Yes I am planning to read other sci-fi novels to get a better sense of the genre. I don’t have specific books in mind, but I am bumping up the sci-fi books on my TBR.
      “Fraud syndrome”- I like that, haha. I can see how it is a similar feeling for grad students, since you guys also put years of hard work into a project. In my (novel-writing) experience, usually the book that I thought was similar is actually quite different, or it is a different approach to a similar idea, which is always a relief. Hope that is the case for science as well 🙂

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  7. As much as I miss seeing your WIPPet Wednesday post I loved reading your answers for this tag Sophie! 😀 I hope your new WIP is going well, I also hope you manage to get all your planning done so you can start writing it (as much as I enjoy researching I love when that stage is done so I can get started on the actual writing).
    I hate writers block as well, I haven’t had to deal with it too much during NaNo but I feel like if I carry on writing beyond November (which I am planning to do) I’ll have to deal with it. My way of getting through it would be the same as yours actually, sitting, staring at my laptop waiting for inspiration to hit again. 🙂
    Great answers, and thanks so much for this tag as well. This is the perfect one to take part in considering I’m doing NaNo at the moment! 😀 ❤

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    1. Hello Beth 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment ❤ I am loving the plotting and research part so far. It is refreshing to write down the plot without stressing about how to phrase things, and it is always fun to research. However, I am feeling like it is endless haha. There is so much to sort out!
      That's great that you haven't had to deal with writer's block, and I hope that it will continue to go smoothly for you for the rest of Nanowrimo and beyond! Nano is a great way to kick start a novel, but that is great that you will be continuing your novel afterwards as well- I think 1 month really isn't long enough to finish a novel sometimes 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing your answers for this tag, Beth ❤ Hope you are having a great week!

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      1. That’s all right! 😀 Oh I know the whole endless research phase. I’ve actually started writing my WIP for NaNo and I have a separate list of things I need to research more once November is over and I start revising everything.
        Well not long to go now so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the last few days, and no I don’t think one month is enough either but it’s a great way to get started on something isn’t it?
        Thanks Sophie, I hope you’re having a great week too. 🙂 ❤

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      2. That’s a good idea to keep a list of things to research, and come back to it later during the second draft. I should get into the habit of making lists as well, because even now I keep a mental list of things to research, but I don’t always remember :’)
        Yes! Nanowrimo is definitely a great way to get started. Wishing you all the best for the final stretch, and looking forward to hearing more about your novel and how it is going 🙂

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      3. I try and do all the research I need but because my WIPs normally go in directions I never plan to there are so many additional things I then need to research too. Easier to keep notes because my memory is terrible.
        Thanks so much Sophie! 😀 ❤

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      4. Haha yes, I absolutely know what you mean. No matter how much I try to plan ahead of time, my characters surprise me and derail the story. :’) I also have a leaky memory as well- lists are probably a good idea for me!

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  8. Wooooah you’re WIP sounds so interesting, especially since modifying the genes of humans is a heavily debated topic today. There are so many themes and messages that you can add in a story involving that relating to morals, why people would choose to do that, etc…. I would be so excited to read any snippets (if you chose to share them) from your novel! 😄 I actually recently finished reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and the book takes place in a society where all humans are made in a laboratory and have a pre-determined level of intelligence that they will have when they grow up. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read written about that kind of topic — I had so many thoughts and discussion questions running through my head while I was reading Brave New World. If you haven’t read it yet, I would highly recommend it! Maybe it could inspire some more ideas for your WIP? 😋 I enjoyed reading your answers to this tag!

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    1. Thank you Zoie! Human genetic editing is a big box of worms haha, so there are interesting themes and questions that can be raised in this novel.
      I’ve heard great things about Brave New World, and that’s awesome that you just recently read it. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book! It sounds super interesting so I added it to my tbr. I’ve been wanting to read more sci fi these days to get a better sense of the genre, so this is perfect! Thanks for the recommendation, Zoie 🙂

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  9. Aww thank you so much for the lovely shoutout! So glad you did this!! Your ideas sound so cool!! I love creating worlds and characters too!! And yes to escaping the real world 😀 hehehe I totally relate to hearing similar ideas 😉 And showing my work to other people- so hard!! Whoa can’t believe it’s nearly 2018…! Awesome post!!

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  10. Wow, this sounds like such an interesting story! Human genome editing? Awesome concept that I’ve never seen tackled in a fiction book before!

    Ahh writer’s block is the worst! I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo before, but even trying to compose blog posts or essay for class sometimes I struggle to find the right words to explain what exactly I want to communicate. Other times I can have an idea of the words in my head but on paper it just doesn’t sound the same or deliver the meaning I want as clearly.

    Good luck with finishing your novel!

    claire @ clairefy

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    1. Hello Claire!
      Thank you! Yes, writer’s block is unpleasant, and I absolutely know what you mean because I sometimes get it when I am writing blog posts or essays as well. It is always a wonderful feeling when the words flow, though 🙂


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