Never Forget


It is 2050, ten years after the collapse of the World Wide Web.Virtual reality video games, self-driving transportation pods, and automated military jets have long been taken off the grid. Landline telephones and the post office are back in service. Welcome to the Digital Dark Age.

Remington Wu, a Chinese-Canadian barista who makes a mean morning espresso at the local cafe, hides two secrets: the ability to remember every detail of his mundane life with machine-like accuracy, and a peculiar hobby. In his spare time, he scours pawn shops for remnants of the technological boom of the 2030s, and he is determined to find signals of the lost Internet from his apartment rooftop. When Remy connects an old modem to his phone line and sends a ping, his pen-pal baby sister Chloe shows up on his front doorstep, along with the pastel-haired, axe-wielding Ria who only Remy can see.

Genre: Adult Sci-Fi


  • Draft 1: November 2018 – January 2019 (Complete)

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