I finished my WIP!! (+ snippet!)

Copy of Beauty!-2

Hello everyone!

Wow. So, like, I can’t believe that I’m done my WIP?! What!? I feel like after 3 months of blood and sweat and emotional turmoil I finally spat out a conglomerate of words that kind of resembles a novel.

The past few days were quite epic actually. This is my progress:

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 10.22.33 PM

Quite conveniently, I came down with a bad cold, lost my voice, became bed bound, called in sick for work, and had nothing to do except write. (I secretly loved it, shhhhh…)

To be honest, this is a novel that crawled under my skin and tore me apart by the ending. This was me the past few days: (and only partly from the cold)


(Though I’m sure when I reread it I’m going to look like this:


‘Cause the scenes always seem to lose intensity after I set them aside for a while LOL. Am I the only one who feel this way?!)

Yup. Shapeshifter is done. And now my heart has a novel-shaped hole in it.

The Blurb:

The Rules of Shapeshifting:
Don’t get caught.
Don’t get attached.
Don’t (ever) be yourself.

I am a Shapeshifter – a soul without a body or an identity. I can live your life for a day – but at a price.

One day, I meet Charlie: Having transferred to a prestigious high school, she strives for top marks and all-around perfection. But Charlie stumbles through her classes and can’t seem to make any new friends.

Charlie requests a contract with me and I oblige. But what happens when Charlie doesn’t want her life back?

A Snippet:


“Hey California,” He says, and I become aware of my own appearance. Today I look like Richard because he was my previous host, the human form that I have the most recollection of. I have Richard’s veiny arms, his blue eyes and his sandy blonde hair. Richard could have popped out of a Hollister ad.

“What can I say? I like the beach,” I say.

“Not a fan of today’s arrangement, then?”

“Nah, courtrooms aren’t my thing.”

“What gotta be done gotta be done, you know?” He says and sits down in an empty row. I follow suit.

“What is it that got to be done?” I ask.

“A court case, we’re in the courtroom after all, yeah?” Nihil says. “The Consortium becomes what we need it to become.” Then he adds, “We’ll have a beach day again, though it’s not my decision.”

“Whose decision is it anyway?”

“The people upstairs with a higher pay grade.”

I want to ask about the people upstairs but Nihil’s attention turns to the stage. In the centre is a woman who is chained to a chair, her hair hanging loose and shielding her face as her head bows downward. An old man with deep-set eyes in a black robe stands behind the podium. He is the Master Shapeshifter who has authority over the courts, undoubtedly is one of the people upstairs.

The Master Shapeshifter slams a gavel down, and a hush sweeps across the room.

“Are you, Shapeshifter Forty-Nine, aware of the Law of Detachment, Shapeshifter Decree Number 557?” He declares in a booming voice.

“Yes,” Shapeshifter Forty-Nine says.

“Are you aware that, as per the Law of Detachment, a Shapeshifter must not become emotionally dependent on any entity in the physical world, be it human, animal, substance, or object?”

For more about Shapeshifter, check out these posts:

So…. What next?

So a few things I’ve realized as I wrapped up this novel:

  1. I am going to get the worst case of writing hang-over after this novel. Give me a few days before I want to read or write or think about anything other than Shapeshifter okay?!
  2. Shapeshifter needs a SEQUEL!?

In the immediate future, I will be planning for Nanowrimo in November (yay!!!!! who’s with me!!!!!) so watch out for some writing-related posts coming up! However I am wondering what to do with the complete draft of Shapeshifter that I have sitting on my desktop: (Let me know what I should do!?)

  • Shut it in an obscure folder on my hard drive and not look at it again in 10 years?
  • BACK IT UP!?
  • Share it with some beta-readers?
  • Editting…………………?
  • Post it here! Post it here!?


Do you ever feel like your scenes lose intensity when you read them again after a while? Do you get hangovers after finishing a book (reading or writing one?) Are you planning to do Nanowrimo this year? What do you do with your novels after writing them?


97 Replies to “I finished my WIP!! (+ snippet!)”

  1. Congratulations! 🖤 I’m working on my second draft and it’s so difficult picking apart my own writing and rewriting so much 😩 good luck with yours!

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    1. Thank you Madison! I know what you mean about editing our own writing. I wouldn’t be able to do it right now since I love the story and the characters too much haha :’) After a month or two I tend to be more vicious! Good luck with draft 2 and let me know if you need a beta reader in the future 🙂

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      1. Oh la la. I got to a very emotionally difficult scene. So I keep avoiding my story or writing it extremely slowly. But on the plus side, I’m spending a lot of time reading books and writing reviews for them, haha.

        I feel guilty about this, but hey, reading is very important to a writer’s development too, LOL.

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      2. LOL it absolutely is 🙂 By reading we get to soak up words and skills that we can use in our writing right?
        I get it that some scenes are more emotionally difficult to write! Do you ever skip forward or do you write scenes in order?

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      3. I write scenes in order, because my pantsing muse would not take the scenes seriously otherwise, haha.

        Gosh I should push to write a bit more. I just posted my latest book review, so that excuse is used up. XD

        I really want to spend more time reading therapy books for my clients, though. Need to balance my time better, sigh.

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      4. Yeah that makes sense to write scenes in order then 🙂
        Reading, writing, blogging, work, life- it’s a tough balance!! I definitely need to catch up on blogging and everything now that I literally did nothing but write for a few days…

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      5. I just wrote for 30 something minutes, lol. But I want to prepare to go to bed now (haven’t even brushed my teeth yet), because I don’t want to sleep too late. I’ll be seeing my first clients at this placement tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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      6. Yes, it’s certainly better than nothing at all It keeps you bonded with your characters too. Like staying in touch with your friends.

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      7. That’s awesome that you’ll be doing Nano. Will you be starting a new novel or continuing with this one?
        To be honest I am not sure if I can complete Nanowrimo this time either since work will likely be busy for me in November. However let’s both try our best 🙂

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      8. I’ll continue with this one, unless I can miraculously finish it by the end of October, which is probably not going to happen, haha.

        Btw I will respond to your comment on my blog eventually. Sorry, I know I still haven’t given you a proper comment on the blog post I promised to give a proper comment on. 😂 Much harder to keep up with WordPress now that my practicum has started!

        My work with clients yesterday was mostly fine. One client was antsy about my young age, but was okay at the end, phew.

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      9. Sounds like a plan!!
        I already have a new plot idea in mind for Nanowrimo (it’s going to be a sci fi novel!!!)
        No worries about the comment. Short and sweet ones are great too 🙂
        As for your client, it’s on them if they have prejudices about age. Also maybe it just means that you look young 🙂

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      10. He thought that I looked like a twelve-year-old! 😂 Even when I asked some friends, they said 12 was a bit ridiculous, lol. I look underage, but not 12!!!

        I just commented on this post. 😊 My comment was probably too long, but.

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      11. LOL I think 12 is a bit ridiculous lol 🙂 But wow that’s pretty awesome! I think I look younger than my actual age and usually I get ID’d, however the one time I didn’t get ID’d I was so upset!!!

        Haha yes I see your comment!

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  2. Congratulations on finishing your WIP *whoop whoop*. I love the idea so much and a whole system built around shapeshifters is so intriguing and unique!! 😍 I would definitely back it up– I always do it multiple times, I email it to myself and save it on memory sticks 😂 I have never finished a novel yet but I think I would start editing afterwards.
    I get what you mean about scenes losing intensity– your not wrapped up in the emotion like when writing it. But I imagine when you are reading it for the first time and have followed the journey it feels just as intense.
    Well done again. 😊 It’s sounds amazing!!!

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    1. Thank you! It means so much to me that you like the concept of the Shapeshifter story! I’ve emailed a version to my kindle but you’re right I should definitely back up the original somewhere!
      My first novel was probably the hardest to finish. Afterwards I realized that I could do it which motivated me for my other novels 🙂 Are you working on something right now?

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      1. You’re welcome. I really do!! Yes just in case 😂
        Oh right. That’s good that you get extra motivation when you’re finished. Yes I am, on my first one but my planning was terrible so kind of going through planning again so I can make it make sense 😂😂

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      2. That’s great to hear that you’re working on a project as well. I used to “pants” my way through a novel without much planning, but I find now that good planning goes a long way. Best wishes on your WIP!! 😀

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    1. Thank you Sieran 🙂 I liked the Nanowrimo goal tracker and I think I will definitely continue using it in the future. This one ended up longer than expected (100K instead of 65K words haha) so I overshot my word goal by a whole lot to finish in time. How is your WIP going? 🙂

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      1. Right now I’m devoting most of my writing time to my major—I’m a creative writing major and have to do a significant amount of writing for that class!! Lots of short stories and the like 🙂

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      2. That’s awesome 🙂 How do you find the courses so far? I haven’t taken writing classes before but it seems like they would help improve writing technique in general 🙂

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    1. Hi Lisa! Congrats on finishing your WIP! The thought of editing is definitely overwhelming! I like to put a novel aside for a month or longer before looking at it again so when I edit I can be more ruthless 🙂 Let me know if you need a beta-reader. We could exchange novels.
      Thank you!!


  3. Oh my gosh, congrats dude! Writing a novel is no easy feat, and that’s impressive you’ve written something that complex from beginning to end. And it sounds like a fascinating take on the idea of shapeshifting! If you ever need a beta reader, let me know, because I’d love to swap a few chapters. It sounds like an intriguing concept 🙂

    Also, I’m planning to do NaNoWriMo as well and hopefully finish my WIP draft 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you like the idea of the story! I would love to exchange a few chapters of our novels. Let me know when you’d like to do this!
      That’s awesome that you’re doing Nanowrimo. It’s a great way to give a project a little push 🙂

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  4. Oh massive congratulations on finishing your Shapeshifter WIP Sophie, and it’s just in time to start planning something for NaNo this year too. 😀 I imagine a sequel would be fun, it’s always nice going back to stories and worlds and characters you already know so well when you’re just reading books, so I imagine it would be the same when it comes to writing one. 🙂
    Your aesthetic is gorgeous, and I love the snippet you posted too. It’s definitely left me wanting more. 😀
    Good luck with your writing in general, and with NaNo as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you Beth!! Oh gosh for a moment there I wasn’t sure if I could make it. It seemed like it would never end :’)
      Yeah! I haven’t written a sequel before and the thought of it makes me nervous but also excited. I think I’ll take a break and work on something else for Nanowrimo before coming back to it though 🙂 I’m sure it will be an experience! Do you think your WIP will be a standalone or the first in a series?
      Thank you! It’s so encouraging to hear that you like the snippet! Happy writing to you too ❤

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      1. That’s all right, and well you made it in the end. I guess once you reached that ending it was all worth it right?
        I’ve never got to the end of a first WIP, let alone a sequel (but I am hoping with this WIP I have for NaNo things will change, I kind of see it being two books at the moment, maybe three I still need to plan it all out on paper).
        That’s all right, and thanks. 🙂 ❤

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      2. Definitely worth it 🙂
        I think Nanowrimo is a great time for giving a project a little push. I finished my first novel during Nanowrimo so I hope that you’ll find it helpful for you too. The key is to keep writing and not look back!

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  5. Congratulations Sophie, what an incredible accomplishment! I love your snippet just as well and I’m looking forward to reading and knowing more and more about this very promising story 😀 ❤
    You never stop writing, do you? I admire that so much ahah, yay for NaNo and best of luck with the planning!! ❤ ❤

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  6. Congratulations are in order! Well done Sophie! As to what you should do with it, I would suggest:
    1. BACK IT UP NOW, no I really mean NOW, as in stop reading this and BACK IT UP NOW!
    2. Share it with some beta-readers, preferably us!
    3. Editing must be done of course, no mater how painful.
    4. Post it here! That would be nice!
    5. I am not a huge fan of WATTPAD but one can get some recognition out of it!

    I haven’t written much but it is true that some scenes seem different after a while but not always less in intensity.

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    1. Thank you Michael!!! Hahah yes with your encouragement and that of a few others I finally backed up my stuff. Phew! Disaster evaded 🙂
      For now I think I will send my novel to just a few beta-readers and doing one round of edits before posting it here or on Wattpad 🙂

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  7. Sophie, no, I find that when I reread my stories, they still feel intense, haha. It’s amazing how it still works on me even when I know what happens. My memory is not the best either, so sometimes I even forget about big plot events, lol.

    Woah, definitely back it up!! As I mentioned before, I back up everything in at least six different places (including the original copy on my laptop). You don’t want to lose it!

    Oh I would edit the work, but probably not right away. I would leave some months for the feelings to cool off before editing. But I would either write a new story, or go back to edit an old story.

    Yes, I feel so sad when I finish writing a book, but lol, there would probably be a sequel, or at least I can fantasize about the sequel. Or sometimes, the characters can appear in another book, where we star different protagonists. (These two books would be in the same story universe.) As for books I read authored by someone else, I usually only get hang-overs if they have a tragic ending, or if they were particularly mind-blowing emotionally. But since the books I read nowadays tend to be shorter (less than 300 pages), there is usually not enough momentum generated to make me feel THAT emotional anyway. So I quickly start reading the next book. Lol.

    I just finished reading a really intriguing novel. It’s a gay romance, and super cool. This boy has been brought up by a mysterious organization that kidnaps people for some purpose…The boy has no idea where they kidnap these people to, nor does he know why these specific people were chosen. All the acting and pretending that the boy does to get close to people, in order to help the organization kidnap someone, was chilling. However, unlike the typical undercover agent, this boy clearly has a conscience and wrestles with strong feelings. I think spy and undercover agent stories don’t always talk much about the person’s feelings… It’s usually just about the action and the mission. I love this book so much. I was aghast at the ending (love the plot twists), and was extremely relieved that there are sequels.

    Haha I’ve been reading so much and writing so little lately. D: As I said, this part is emotionally difficult. But I reached another character’s pov, which is a lot easier, since he tends to distance himself from his emotions, and thus his perspective feels calmer. Less emotionally overwhelming than the POVs of characters who don’t suppress their feelings as much.

    Hey I’ve done some calculations, and I think I should read maybe 12 hours of reading for my clients a week. I’m quite far from that at the moment, but I do need to get a move-on, or else I might not be able to complete my indirect client hours in time! (We have both direct and indirect client hours. Direct means seeing the client face to face. Indirect means any prep work for clients, including note-writing, doing intakes, checking voice mails and adding info to our directory, getting supervision, doing client reading, etc.) Oh la la, Nanowrimo is going to be difficult! But I encourage myself, because I have friends who sometimes don’t win Nanowrimo, yet they still managed to publish a number of high quality books!

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    1. That’s awesome. The fact that you’re still as moved by the scenes that you write means that you’ve conveyed them really well. I think my thing is that I tend to skimp over descriptions (not just setting, but also emotions and introspection) so it is because of this that my scenes lose their emotional intensity. However I hope that I’ve improved on that in my current novel so I’ll see how it goes!! Some scenes do tend to surprise me in a positive way so I am looking forward to that as well.

      Yup I typically wait at least a month before rereading a novel I’ve written, just to give me enough time to start forgetting some things. I also find that it gives me some time to detach myself from the novel so I can be more ruthless in the editing process. I’ll probably work on my new novel first and get back to Shapeshifter in December or next year. How long do you usually wait?

      What is this gay romance spy novel that you just finished? The story sounds familiar and I wonder if it’s a novel that I’ve heard about! In any case I’m glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

      That’s good to hear that the POV switch is helping things for you at the moment! I haven’t had to write a scene that is too emotionally difficult yet, but I do feel like POV switches are refreshing in general.

      Nanowrimo will be a bit of a squeeze for me as well. I am going to have to cut down on blogging time, put a hold on sewing and wedding planning, take some vacation days off work, and maybe even (!gasp! but only as last resort) reduce exercise time haha…. I think even if we don’t win Nanowrimo, it gives us a push in the right direction 🙂

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  8. Massive congratulations on finishing your WIP, Sophie!!! That is such an epic milestone and I’m so happy for you (and nervous as well! This is HUGE!) ❤ ❤ I'm also glad to hear you're doing better, being ill sucks 😦

    I love the sound of your story so much! Carries a certain mysteriousness to it because obviously there all all these consequences to keeping another person's identity, even if they're the ones who don't want it back anymore… I mean, I need to know what happens next!!! You're killing me here 😭

    I would personally go through all those steps one by one (except keeping it hidden away for 10 years – that WIP needs to see the light of day and amaze readers everywhere, don't you even dare not do it!!!) and be very patient because these things take time. I have no experience in the publishing business but I know it entails a ton of the stuff you mentioned. So fingers crossed, you'll do great and have your name written on your own book's cover in no time 😀

    I feel like some scenes do lose a bit of their intensity, but only if I have a fresh memory of reading them. If not, then they have the exact opposite effect and it's kind of like being surprised by your own words, if that makes sense? Same with books I read – if they've touched me in a deep way, it's very hard not to be affected weeks after. But otherwise, I might not even remember them all that well.

    Best of luck with everything, lovely, and please keep us posted! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Sophie ❤ I'm so glad to hear that you're liking the sound of this novel. Your support and encouraging words mean so much to me 🙂 ❤

      I know what you mean when it comes to intense scenes! Although some scenes seem to lose their intensity, others do surprise me in a good way and I love it when that happens 🙂 When it comes to book, I tend to have a pretty bad memory. If I've read a book a few months ago, there is a good chance that I've forgotten the ending already lol :')

      Thank you so much ❤


  9. AAAaaah that snippet was so awesome and please please please post Shapeshifter out, some place, some day… because I would totally read it! 😆 Also, I relate to the thing about scenes losing their intensity after going back to it. When I went back to read my WIP again, there were some parts that I once thought were epic that just ended up being so… anticlimactic! Then again, there were some scenes and pieces of writing that surprised me a lot (in a good way 😊), so it’s always nice when I find those gems.

    Congratulations, Sophie! I’m excited for all your upcoming Nanowrimo prep posts! 😋

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    1. Thank you so much Zoie ❤ Your encouragement means so much to me. Haha yes, I get you there. When I reread my past WIPs, there are always some scenes that disappoint me while others than positively surprise me 🙂

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  10. HOORAY! *fires confetti cannon* how wonderful, and awesome snippet! I can totally relate to you on the story hangover stuff, I kind of get this hollow feeling… but then I get focused on another story and the process starts all over again lol.

    I also can’t encourage you enough to PLEASE back up your work! I’ve had enough close calls that at this point I don’t even get up from a single writing session (even if I only wrote like a paragraph) without backing up what I wrote on a flash drive. It would be terrible to lose all your hard work!

    I’m also SO PUMPED for NaNo! I’m writing two stories instead of one this time, which is completely crazy and I don’t think I’ll make it to 100k but I’ll have lots of fun trying! 😀 You’re welcome to add me as a buddy if you like, my username is nailbitingwriter 🙂

    Ooh also, I can recommend KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing program) for your story, which would make it available on Amazon for e-readers. Best of luck, whatever you do (and be sure to let us know so we can all read it)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Chelsea!!! Haha yes the story hangover is real. I am about 75% over it now and focusing on my new novel for Nanowrimo, however once in a while I do miss my old story :’)

      Haha yes! Thanks to you and a few other bloggers’ encouragement I did end up backing up my work. I will have to make that a habit!

      Wow, 100K a month will be CRAZY and that’s so awesome that you’re aiming to get there! I think even if you don’t make it, it’ll be lots of fun and you will have gotten a lot done in the process 🙂 I will definitely add you as a Nano buddy (my username is portabelloxoxo in case you’re wondering who that is!!)

      I am still debating about self-publishing. I might just focus on improving my writing for now however I will keep Kindle Direct Publishing in mind for the future! Have you published any works? 🙂


      1. I added you as a buddy too 🙂 if you ever want to do some word sprints, hit me up! and yes, as you said it’s sure to be a productive month regardless!

        I actually did publish one novel through KDP and Createspace (for print copies) called Forget Me. I can also recommend Createspace–it was a pretty simple process! 🙂

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      2. Yay! Sounds good 🙂
        That’s awesome that you published a novel. How did you find the self-publishing process? I’ve heard lots of good things about Createspace so far, so I will definitely keep it in mind when I am considering publication in the future 🙂


      3. 🙂 It definitely had its technical moments (but that’s mainly because I decided to set up an imprint, I didn’t want Createspace listed as the publisher–optional, but I thought worth it–and also because I wanted a PCN number), but overall it wasn’t that hard. Createspace, I felt, was very easy to use and probably the easiest (and quickest) part of the process. I think the most helpful thing I can suggest is to find a good editor (and be careful on freelance sites like Fiverr–ahh we live and we learn).

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  11. Congrats Sophie. I’m excited for you. This is a huge accomplishment. You have so much energy and you write at the speed of light! Unbelievable. I like the synopsis of Shapeshifter so much. Yes, Please do some editing and share a few chapters with us. It sounds like a great story. By the way, if you ever want to live my life for a day or two that would be awesome. I definitely could use your energy and skills!

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    1. Thank you so much Dominique. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and I am so glad that you like the synopsis of Shapeshifter! ❤ I am planning to run the story by some beta-readers, do some editing, and then hopefully post it here or on Wattpad!

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  12. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH CONGRATS *throws confetti everywhere* This is truly cause for celebration! Seriously, congrats on finishing your WIP. I really liked reading about your story – it sounds really fascinating! Good luck on revising and on that sequel 🙂

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  13. Congratulations! Your writing progress is always a great source of motivation for other writers too! I also just really love hearing the different kinds of stories that other writers create. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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      1. That’s awesome that you’ll be doing Nanowrimo Haidan, whether you are starting a new novel or continuing a current one! I will be start a new one but I don’t think I will finish it within 50K words but we will see 🙂 We should be writing buddies!

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  14. Congratulations on finish your novel. I like the way you wrote your blog with the blurb and snippet. I’ve been trying to work out how to write a synopsis on a blog for my own site and that’s inspired me. The only thing I’m unsure of is does posting a bit of your work effect when you publish if you haven’t already?

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    1. Thank you April 🙂
      Hm, I think I’ve read somewhere that it is all right to post a small amount of your work, as long as the entire novel isn’t available online. For example Margaret Atwood posted chapters of one of her novels on Wattpad for people to view freely. I also know of webcomic artists who have posted their entire works online and became so famous that their comics were then published to be released on the traditional market. For me, I like to get feedback and encouragement from the community which motivates me to finish a novel 🙂
      Bottom line, I’m not sure! But I think a synopsis and an occasional snippet doesn’t hurt!


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