Hello everyone!

As a writer, it is my dream to share my works with the world. I am not published (yet), and I don’t know how or when or if I will get there, or even if I want to get there. I am not sure if I want to be traditionally published or self-published. Right now I write because I enjoy writing.

Here on this teeny, tiny corner of the Internet, I want to share a bit of my writing with you. I won’t be publishing full works here, but you will find blurbs of the novels that I have written, any blog posts that they were featured in (such as character aesthetics, writing tags, etc) and my progress so far.

Note: I’ve categorized these novels as “Current WIPs” and “Previous WIPs”, but they are technically all works in progress, since none of these novels are complete and polished! In other words, the “Previous WIPs” are all in a back drawer somewhere but I’m hoping to pick them up again in the future.

Current WIP

2007 – Present // Status: Draft 6 In Progress

Previous WIPs

2019 – 2020 // Status: Draft 1 Complete
2018 -2019 // Status: Draft 1 Complete
2018 // Status: Draft 1 Complete
2016 – 2017 // Status: Draft 4 Complete

Writing Tips

Here is where I pretend to know a thing or two about writing and give you guys some idea of what my writing processes are. Check out my latest posts here:

(Pssst! A word of caution that I am by no means a professional, so…….. take my word with a tablespoon of salt 😉 )

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