Hello everyone!

As a writer, it is my dream to share my works with the world. I am not published (yet), and I don’t know how or when or if I will get there, or even if I want to get there. I am not sure if I want to be traditionally published or self-published. Right now I write because I enjoy writing.

Here on this teeny, tiny corner of the Internet, I want to share a bit of my writing with you. I won’t be publishing full works here, but you will find blurbs of the novels that I have written, any blog posts that they were featured in (such as character aesthetics, writing tags, etc) and my progress so far.

My Novels

Writing Tips

Here is where I pretend to know a thing or two about writing and give you guys some idea of what my writing processes are. Check out my latest posts here:

(Pssst! A word of caution that I am by no means a professional, so…….. take my word with a tablespoon of salt 😉 )