Hello, I am Sophie Li.

Welcome to my blog! I am glad that you’ve found this tiny corner of the Internet that is dedicated to reading, writing, blogging, and everything in between.

A bit about me! I am…

  • A 20-something Chinese-Canadian
  • Lover of YA fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi, and ALL BOOKS THAT MAKE ME CRY
  • Yes I have lots of feelings
  • When not reading, I might be working on a number of ambitious sewing projects
  • Or rock climbing
  • Or playing with my two adorable little dogs
  • I also love trees, tea, and spreadsheets

The best books I’ve read are those with characters that I can relate to, with strengths and flaws, goals and dreams, accomplishments and failures. My favourite books are those that make you forget that you are reading. One day, I hope to create a book like this for my readers.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I am no longer accepting unsolicited requests to review books. However, I would like to support authors and I would love to work with you to promote your author platform and your work, including guest posts and author interviews.

First of all, why write for Sophie’s Corner?

Stats at a glance: this blog has over 1000 followers, 270 posts, 7700 comments, and 8200 likes. There is a total of over 24000 views and 11000 visitors.

The main audience for my blog consists of fans of young adult contemporary, fantasy and science fiction. My readers appreciate diversity (ie. racial diversity and LGBTQ+ in literature.) If this is the audience that you would like to reach, then consider writing a feature post for Sophie’s Corner!

Here are some options for contributing:

Guest Post

My readers are interested in blog posts about reading (ie. “My top 10 favourite books of all time”, or “Why we should read indie books”) and blogging (ie. “What I love about the book blogging community”.) Other topics of interest include writing tips (ie. previous writers have written guest posts about worldbuilding and Nanowrimo.) 

The specific topic is up to you, however I do recommend a post that falls between one of these three broad categories of reading, blogging, and writing, since my experience is that these types of posts are more likely to be successful.

Author Interview

If you choose to do an author interview, I will send you a list of 5-7 questions to answer about your writing process, the inspiration for your novel, tips for new writers, etc. 

Please use the following form below to contact me. Note that I am not currently accepting review requests, although I would love to receive requests for guest posts and author interviews.

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash; Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash