WIPpet Wednesday: The Journal


Happy Hump Day everyone!

How’s the week going for you? Frankly, I am exhausted (when am I not exhausted?) Remember a while back, when I tired myself out because I had a gazillion things to do, stayed up late to get my word count in, caught the flu, and promised to never ever do it again?



I did it again.

It just sucks that there are only 24 hours in a day. There really should be more. Or if we could have one of those time-travelling thingimajigies that Hermione had that allows you do to two (or three or four) different things at once.

Anyway! Rant over!

Today’s feature presentation is a snippet from my current WIP titled Together We Will Live Forever (extremely tentative – I am super indecisive about my titles). Olivia is a neuroscience grad student and an aspiring artist. Matt works at the art gallery and lives with his daughter, Zelda.

The thing is, Matt is a private person who doesn’t talk much about himself. And Olivia is curious about him but doesn’t know how to ask. One day, Olivia finds Matt’s journal in his closet. This is one of Matt’s journal entries from several years back:

Anyway, it started on Friday. It probably actually started a bit further back. Amelie’s been having these headaches for a while. I just thought that it’s stress. I get headaches all the time and it gets worse when I’m stressed. So I gave her some of my Tylenol and Advil. She was taking them by the handful. And then she started talking funny, she started using words that are out of place. Like, she’d walk into the bathroom and ask where the oysters are. I figured out that by oysters, she meant her shoes. Then I told her they were probably on the shoe rack. They weren’t, not the yellow heels she wanted to wear that day. So we looked all over the apartment for the pair of yellow shoes, and we had a fight about it because I didn’t see why she couldn’t just wear another pair of shoes. Eventually we found the shoes in the fruit bin in the fridge, and we had no idea how it got there. Except I had an inkling of suspicion that she probably put them there and forgot about them. She did that kind of thing these days. Then I kind of understood why she wanted so bad to look for those shoes. It wasn’t that she wanted to wear them. It was that she was frustrated that she couldn’t find them.

By the way, WIPpet Wednesdays is a blog hop where writers can share a snippet from their WIP (Work in Progress). The only stipulation is that the excerpt is somehow related to the date. For example, today I have one paragraph, which is 17 (from the year) minus 16 (the date). It really is a precise science 😉

Be sure to check out some of the other lovely WIPpet snippets here. Thank you Emily Wrayburn for hosting.

Now I want to hear from you! How do you balance life with writing? Do you struggle with finding THE perfect title for your novel?

13 responses to “WIPpet Wednesday: The Journal”

  1. Writing has become what I do… it is crucial to my balance these days. It’s something I can do that doesn’t tire me out like everything else does. I don’t have to concentrate on keeping my physical balance or think about skipping words, brain fog, or the slurred speech that often comes with my spoken words. I can simply be when I write. No health issues. No disabilities. I am one with the laptop and the laptop is…. gads, that’s horrible, but there’s a grain of truth to it.

    Nice WIPpet, but Tylenol and Advil by the handful? Her poor liver and kidneys! Ah, but I’m guilty of the latter of those two evils to an extent.

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    1. Haha yes.. unfortunately Matt isn’t the most knowledgeable when it comes to meds.

      Yes! Writing is also important in my life. I love unwinding at the end of the day by doing some writing, and I feel like something feels off if I don’t write for a couple of days. The trouble comes when my day ends at 10pm and I feel the urge to do some writing and I keep writing until late at night! I think sometimes I need to know when to stop 🙂

      I think it’s great to be one with the laptop haha! That’s when you know that the words are flowing! I also prefer writing to talking. Sometimes I wish that I can just send emails all day and make things happen rather than go out and talk to people (sad, I know haha…)

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  2. Always cool to hear the insides of an author’s writing process 😊

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    1. Thank you! Glad that you liked it 🙂

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  3. I definitely want more hours in a day. We realized that summer is winding down, and then it’s back to our hectic school-year schedule. I think I’d like one of Hermione’s time-turners.

    What a great snippet. I feel like I’m right there with them, with the meds and the confused words and the misplacing things. It’s not exactly the same, but similar things are happening with a family member as her dementia worsens. It’s heartbreaking, and you captured it well.

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    1. Someone should go invent that time turner. I think it will be quite popular! Hope it simmers down for you guys 🙂

      Thank you for the feedback 🙂 It means a lot to me that you can relate to this scene. Amelie is eventually diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, which affects her memory and speech.

      It must be a tough time for your family. My grandpa in China is going through dementia as well. I don’t see him often but it is heartbreaking all the same.

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  4. Ah man, I hear you on the hours in the day. I’m studying part-time on top of full time work and I have something due this Wednesday so I’m now looking around thinking “Where did my weekend go?”

    I absolutely hate titles, though I have actually come up with titles for my last two or three WIPs fairly easily, which was a relief. Though now Memories and Magic and Rulers and Rebellions have merged into one big thing which will all be Memories and Magic so I’ll have to file Rulers and Rebellions away for another time.

    Oh, this snippet is so sad! I have fortunately never been in the situation, so I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it would be having to watch someone experience all of that. I wonder how Matt is going to feel knowing Olivia’s read his journal, though? O.o

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    1. Wow! You are a trooper! I totally get how you feel. “Where did August go!?” is what I was thinking today 🙂

      I love the alliteration in your titles. I’m guessing that it is intentional 🙂 Right now I am playing with a few different options for my current work. We’ll see!

      Thank you! Glad that the emotion shows through in this snippet 🙂 Matt’s reaction will be unveiled next time!!


      1. Yep, MaM came first, then when I was coming up with the sequel, I wanted something with the same kind of rhythm and format.

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      2. Oh I see. Very cool 🙂


  5. Titles are hard. It took me a couple of years before I figured out what to call The Descendants (for a long time it was just Future Girls) or The Undying Ones. I’m sure a good one will come to you in time.

    In the meantime – great snippet! Though I hope Matt doesn’t catch her or get too upset at her going through his things.

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    1. I know what you mean! It’s hard to come up with a title because… how can you sum up a story in just a few words?!
      Thank you 🙂 For the snippet this week, you guys will find out what happens next!!

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  6. […] scene follows shortly after last week‘s: While babysitting Zelda, Olivia finds Matt’s journal in his closet. Because he is a […]


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