About Me

Hello there!

My name is Sophie. This blog is dedicated to everything I love, including reading, writing, and everything in between. Despite aging out of this market demographic long ago, I still adore children’s fiction including both young adult and middle grade. I enjoy SFF and contemporary, though I might dabble in historical fiction or even a classic if I’m feeling up to it! Occasionally, you might catch me reading adult fantasy and romance as well.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’m a hopeless chocolate addict!
  • Spreadsheets are my life line. I use them to organize my life, literally.
  • I am a mom, a concept that’s still new to me.
  • When I told people that I was going to sew my own wedding dress, most people thought I was crazy, so I HAD to prove to them that I could do it. (Spite is a strong motivator 😈 All kidding aside, I do love sewing.)
  • One of my priorities is to live as sustainably as possible. It’s hard and I probably don’t get it right half the time, but I do my best.