Review Policy & Rating System

Thank you for considering me for reviewing your book!

I will review books within the adult and young adult fiction genre. I will gladly accept books that depict characters who are LGBTQ or ethnic minorities, as well as those that discuss mental health and addiction. I will consider non-fiction books depending on my area of interest. I will not review books in the following genres: horror, erotica, or poetry.

I do accept books in either print or eBook format. Due to time constraints, I cannot promise to review a book that is sent to me, however, I can promise to accept or deny the request in a timely manner.

I will write my honest opinion, whether I love the book or not so much. My review is only a reflection of my opinion on the book. When I write a negative review, I do not intend to speak for others, nor do I intend to attack authors personally.

I do not accept any monetary compensation for any reviews I publish on this blog.

Rating System:

★★★★★ The perfect book.

★★★★ Loved it and would read again.

★★★ Liked it but would not read again.

★★ Did not like it.

★ Would not inflict this book on anyone.


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