8 Ways to Survive Quarantine

Hey everyone!

As they say, doing something for 21 days forms a habit. We’ve been under quarantine/ self-isolation for at least that long… And I got to admit, everything is starting to feel normal and routine to me, and I’m finding it hard to believe that life had been once so different. Do you know what I mean?? (Or am I really weird?? lol…)

Before I continue, I just want to say: It’s terrible what’s going on out there, it really is. I am sincerely thankful that my friends and family are safe and healthy.

So yes, I don’t like coronavirus, but I’m not hating this stay-at-home thing. A lot of my friends and coworkers are being driven nuts by it, but I’m secretly kind of… enjoying it a bit? Pre-coronavirus, I had plans most weekends (and some weekdays.) And I feel bad if I don’t go to these events because as a human being I’m supposed to socialize (I really do like my friends, I do.) But… sometimes I just want to stay at home and be a blob.

And it’s nice to be able to do that without feeling guilty or like I’m missing out (and instead, feel a sense of pride in reducing spread of the virus.)

Soooo today I’ll be telling you guys about what I’ve been up to during this whole pandemic thing. Tell me a bit about how you guys are keeping busy and some of your survival tips!

1: Read lots of books!

This is a no-brainer! One of the great things about physically staying at home is that our brain is free to roam anywhere and everywhere. I love curling up on the sofa with a light-hearted read during a time when things are so hectic.

2: Have a spot at home for work.

I love working from home because, being an introvert, the quietness helps me focus. What helps for me to be productive is to have a spot for working from home. My work desk faces a huge window with a great view. I only work at this desk, and I also only use this desk for work! This way I create a mental association with my workspace and work, so that I’m in a mindset to work whenever I sit down at this desk.

3: Write, write, write.

It’s no secret now that I love writing! Of course I’m not always in love with writing. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, and sometimes I want to throw my manuscript out the window. But overall I cherish the ability to escape from my present reality by sinking into my story. I love being able to look forward to writing or editing the next scene or chapter.

4: My awesome, lazy pets.

I have two wonderful dogs (a greyhound and a mini pinscher!) They are so adorable. When I am faced with endless hours of solitary work (and mountains of emails,) I love to take a break and cuddle with them or just admire their cuteness.

5: Healthy snacks (and unhealthy snacks in small portions.)

Confession time: If there is something in front of me that tastes good, and I’m bored, I will eat it. ALL.

Because of this I try to not keep unhealthy snacks around the house. My favourite healthy snacks are fruits (including dried fruits) and dark chocolate! Also, no matter how much I try, I can’t resist ice cream, so I have several packages of mochi ice cream in my freezer — they are definitely not healthy, but they come in small pieces so it’s easy to limit myself to a piece a day.

6: Having an online community.

Just because I am an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t need people! I am so thankful that we live during a time when we can stay connected without physically seeing other people. I love video-chatting and playing online games with my friends. I also enjoy Whatsapping and Skyping my coworkers about random non-work topics. And of course I love THIS blogging community which grew with me over the years (muah!)

7: Exercise!

Admittedly, exercise is hard when we’re in quarantine. Before I loved having lots of options when it came to exercises — going to the rock climbing gym, playing badminton, shooting hoops outside. But these facilities are shut down now (for good reason!)

However I try to keep up with my workouts, especially since I’m mostly working from home so it’s easy to be sedentary. Thankfully, we are still allowed to go outdoors, so I go for a run or walk several times a week. I also do some indoor pilates from time to time (check out the Blogilates channel!)

8: Keep up with the news, but in moderation.

In the first few weeks of the pandemic, I was streaming the news many hours a day and, when I’m not watching the news, I’d be checking Twitter constantly for updates. Hearing about all the bad news wore me down and I found it hard to feel motivated. Also, much of what is happening out there, I don’t have any control over.

Since then I’ve decided to cut down on the “news” time. Now I put on the news while cooking breakfast in the morning, but only when I feel like it. On workdays I check my hospital’s newsletter to see how our province is doing. And that’s it! Now I have more time and energy to focus on the things I can control, including doing activities that I enjoy.

How have you been surviving the pandemic? What are your favourite activities? How is the situation where you are?

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19 responses to “8 Ways to Survive Quarantine”

  1. The situation is pretty bad where I am at so the news is constantly depressing. I’m just like you in I NEED to limit how much I watch otherwise it just brings me so far down. I limit it to a half hour around dinnertime, and only during the weekdays that way I stay informed but don’t get too bummed. There is a bright side though, like you mentioned Sophie! I am kind of enjoying the stay-at-home life too. It’s nice to go out but it is also nice to stay home and eat a giant bowl of ice cream haha! (in moderation of course :D) Like you I’m reading so much more now, and writing so much more ❤ What's going on in the world is terrible right now but all we can do is make the best of it!! Sending good vibes your way ❤ Stay safe and stay healthy!!

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    1. Hi Jai Lynn!
      I’m sad to hear that the situation is bad where you are, however that’s great to hear that you’re making the most out of it. There isn’t much that we can control on our end but we can try our best 🙂 I spend around the same amount of time watching the news, and only when I’m in the mood for it. I think we don’t have to be watching the news all the time to stay up to date!
      That’s great that you are enjoying reading and writing (and ice cream!) in the mean time. Sending good thoughts your way as well 🙂 We can get through this!

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  2. Rafaela | theportuguesebibliophile Avatar
    Rafaela | theportuguesebibliophile

    I’ve had assignments to keep me busy and I’ve read lots of great books but sometimes I just feel so tired and anxious because of everything that I just end watching silly videos on youtube or using Duolingo to brush up on my language skills in a fun way. And thankfully I have a switch!

    It’s funny but I actually can’t work well with only one workspace. I have to switch places every few days or I get a bit tired and feel it’s too monotonous.

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    1. Hi Rafaela,
      It’s definitely an anxious time with so much going on and so much out of our control. That’s great to hear that you are keeping busy with assignments and learning new languages! Sometimes I also like to watch silly youtube videos just for a distraction 🙂
      It’s cool to switch places once in a while (or just get up and stretch!) I’d say do whatever works for you 🙂
      Stay safe and healthy! – Sophie


  3. I’m staying in since 17th March. In all fairness it’s not much different from how i lived even before. I’m not big on going out at all. However i did notice I’m reading way less in the last 6 weeks, and feel distracted. I’m watching more series now, or play video games.

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    1. Hi Norrie,
      Haha I’ve also been telling people that my life haven’t changed all that much since I didn’t go out much usually anyway XD
      I think distraction is a good thing during this time, especially with everything that is going on. So do what you enjoy that makes you happy in this moment, whether it is watching shows or playing video games!

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  4. It is definitely horrible times but like you staying at home has had its upsides for me and there are ways to make it easier and better for yourself on a personal level.
    Lots of reading is good, and although writing motivation is pretty low for me at the minute I definitely want to write at the same time, so I am hoping to do it more and set some goals !!
    Admittedly I do need to get better at eating healthy snacks though, I always go for chocolate 😂 in moderation I hope though 😅
    I have been cutting down on news and the media as well as it can be very overwhelming!!
    I hope you are well and stay safe 💛💛

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    1. Hi Sophie!
      Yes it’s definitely terrible out there and there is little control we have over what is happening around the world. However we can control our own personal experience to some extent 🙂
      That’s great that you are reading and also doing some writing. I think writing is hard sometimes since inspiration comes and goes, but setting goals definitely help if you find that motivates you!
      I am a sucker for chocolate too 🙂
      Wishing that you stay safe and well too!

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  5. Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

    One thing that’s helped me survive and stay sane is cutting back on hanging out on social media. For a while there, I was looking at various platforms everyday, and it was exhausting. I hope you’re staying safe!

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    1. Hi Bianca!
      Glad that you enjoyed this post! I also decided to cut back on social media (particularly twitter- which was addictive for a while). I agree that it is exhausting and probably not healthy! Thank you and hope that you stay safe as well!


  6. I completely understand what you mean about this beginning to feel normal! I was looking through some pictures from late February/early March yesterday and I couldn’t believe how strange it seemed to me that we were…able to go to school? And be around other people and go to restaurants with friends? I feel like that was a different Olivia doing all those things.

    This is a great list! Thankfully I’m mostly kept occupied with school and online dance classes, but I’ve definitely been doing much more reading and spending more time on WordPress, as well as trying to take a lot of walks and bike rides. I hope you’re doing well, and wonderful post!💛

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    1. Hi Olivia!
      I absolutely get it. I can’t imagine that just a few months ago I was going to restaurants, sharing food with friends, going to crowded house parties, etc. It seems surreal!
      That’s great that you are keeping busy with school and keeping active with online dance classes! Walks and bike rides are great too. Thank you, and hope that you stay safe and well too 🙂

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  7. I loved reading your tips on how to survive quarantine! 🥰 I’m doing okay, as I have turned in my Bachelor Thesis and have a bit of a gap before I start my Master’s, but having no big goal has been a challenge. That’s why participating in Camp NaNo and finally finishing my first round of revision was a great way to get some structure into my daily life 😊

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    1. Hi Caro! Congrats on turning in your thesis! That must be a huge weight off your chest 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ve kept the momentum going and finished your first revisions too. What’s your plan for your novel afterwards?

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      1. Thank you! 😊 I’m going to be doing a lot more revision, but I think then it’s time to get some feedback, which is its own kind of scary 😱

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      2. I agree that feedback is a scary (but necessary!) part of the revision process. Let me know if you are in need of a beta-reader when the time comes 🙂

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  8. really agree about having an online community! Awesome post! I could definitely do with the advice right now 😉

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    1. Aww thank you! Yes the online community is a big part of helping me stay sane haha. Stay safe and well 🙂


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