Let’s Chat // 6 Reasons Why I Love Middle Grade

Hello everyone!

In the past months, I’ve really begun to fall in love with MG (and did I mention that I am also writing a Middle Grade novel?) Today I want to tell you guys what drew me to this age category and what made me want to read more.

First things first, what is a Middle Grade novel?

I literally had to Google this question several months back. Now I have an answer for you guys? I think??

A Middle Grade novel is intended for children between ages of 8 and 12. Books that are for 13 years and older are Young Adult, and books that are intended for ages 7 and younger are considered Children.

Like YA, MG is not a genre, rather it is an age category that indicates the target audience. This means that MG books can be of various genres, such as Science Fiction, or Contemporary, or Fantasy, or Mystery (just like YA or Adult!)

What do I love about MG?

Note that I’ll be comparing a little to YA* here (for no other reason than the fact that I’ve read a lot of YA and so I’m familiar with this age category.) I really can’t say much about adult fiction — haven’t read enough of it!

*That being said, I still love YA and am planning to read lots more of it!

1: The most adorable friendships.

You know how a lot of YA novels, the MCs start as friends but usually as the plot thickens and one thing leads to another, their feelings turn out to be something more? And before you know it, kisses and “I love you”s are exchanged?

This almost never happens in MG. Kids become friends and they stay friends, and sometimes that’s pretty refreshing. Did I mention that some of these friendships are adorable??? (like Cassidy and Jacob from City of Ghosts — cuteness overload)

2: They are short and fast-paced.

Okay. I admit it. I’m a sucker for fast-paced books and I really can’t stand a book that is over 500 pages and draws on and on and on. MG books are rarely very long, and this means that the pace is usually faster too.

3: They tend to be more light-hearted…

Sometimes you just want to read something fun and without committing to something dark or serious. MG books are usually much lighter versions of their YA counterparts!

4: Heavier themes are handled in a delicate way.

That being said, there are MG contemporary novels that carry heavy and profound themes. I love how these books are written in a way that speaks to a younger audience. This means that these books are almost never downright depressing, they might even have some humour sprinkled throughout. Speaking of which…

5: Lots of humour!

Every MG book I’ve read is at least somewhat funny, if not downright hilarious. I love that even the novels that explore more serious themes have light-hearted moments that make me smile.

6: Family (yes they exist!)

In YA fiction (most notably sci-fi and fantasy), parents are often non-existent or bad parents or otherwise out of the picture. For the most part, the MCs are independent and make decisions on their own or with the help of their friends. (That being said there are exceptions!)

As for MG fiction, parents are there and MCs are at an age where they are still quite dependent on their family. I love that a lot of MG books incorporate positive family dynamics and many heartwarming moments.

What do you like about Middle Grade fiction? What are your favourite MG novels?

41 Replies to “Let’s Chat // 6 Reasons Why I Love Middle Grade”

  1. That is a really good point about the emphasis on friendships in middle grade and I do love that !! Because friendships don’t get enough credit and I love reading about them !!
    Yes we all need light hearted books in our lives !!! I love a dark gritty fantasy but soon after I will be reaching for a light hearted read !!
    I’m currently reading Percy Jackson and his narration is very light hearted and funny, I’m loving it !!
    Yes to families as well !!
    Great post and I love all this love for Middle Grade !! 💛

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    1. Hey Sophie! I agree about friendships!! Too often I see a good friendship turn into romance haha. It’s nice when there is a friendship that lasts 🙂
      I definitely like light hearted books but you’re right- there is a time for gritty fantasies. Glad that you’re liking Percy Jackson! I haven’t read any of the series yet but I should add it to my tbr 🙂
      Thanks Sophie!

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  2. I like to read middle grade between my harder reads as it reminds me why I love reading. They’re so quick and feel-good and gives me a break from more complex plots.

    Honestly, some of my favorite books as an adult have been middle grade 🙂

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  3. I’m currently reading a MG book, something I haven’t done in over 2 years, so have been feeling a bit frustrated with it, but this has been helpful in reminding me what MG is and the common elements in them. I think my review will go a lot smoother now, thank you!

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    1. Hi Kat! I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling frustrated with your MG book! It definitely depends on the book and I’ve read a few MGs that weren’t my cup of tea. Hope that you will find more MG books that you will enjoy 🙂

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  4. I LOVE all the friendships in middle grade! It’s refreshing to pick up a MG book and know that there’s almost definitely not going to be romance, but instead have the sweetest friendships. That’s one of my favorite aspects of this category!

    And yes, I always think that the ways MG books deal with heavy topics is so well done. Authors usually don’t shy away from them, but instead present them in a thoughtful way that kids can understand, which is so hard to do and very impressive.

    And I love that there are so many funny MG books out there – I think that’s something that’s missing in other age groups. We all need some laughs sometimes! 😀

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    1. Glad that you like MG books too Margaret 🙂 yes I am always amazed by how well authors deal with heavier topics, and it’s great that they don’t shy away from them. After all there are kids out there who live tough lives unfortunately and I think they deserve to have a voice that they can relate to. The humour and friendships in MG are the best 🙂


  5. Omg yes! Middle grade books are so fluffy and fun ♥️ I also love that they portrait such nice friendships and family relationships. They are such a great reading option for these heavy times

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  6. Aww, this post made my heart so happy! I agree with all your points, and even though I mostly just read YA now, MG will always have such a special place in my heart.💛I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because it gives me nostalgia of the best kind! I’m a sucker for rereading my old MG favorites, and make it a point to reread some of my favorite childhood series at least once every year or so. Wonderful post, Sophie!

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  7. I don’t usually read MG but I recently started reading Percy Jackson to my son and was like “WOW this is good”. He’s only 4 months old so he has no idea what’s happening but I look forward to reading it to him every night lol. Now I have a whole shelf of MG books to read!

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    1. Hi Molly 🙂 Aww that’s so sweet that you read to your son. Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying it (even though he’s still too young to process it all!) Hoping you both stay safe and healthy!


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  9. I used to read epic fantasy novels. Massive world-building. Countless subplots. Years of commitment just to finish a single story. While I still have a deep affection for that level of detail and depth of plot, switching to MG was like a breath of fresh air. There’s innocence and a sense of wonder that’s often missing from the grander epics. And I can actually read a book in one or two sittings! 🙂

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    1. Hi Matt! A while ago I also enjoyed reading heavier books and I had a phase where I also loved epic fantasy novels. MG is definitely different and refreshing 🙂 Glad that you enjoy MG books too!


  10. Okay so random first point but is that a white hedgehog? I didn’t know they even existed?
    But back to book stuff and yeah it is nice in MG that you get friendships without it turning into romance so frequently. Like I love romance, if done well, but it’s kind of like there isn’t room for pure friendships in YA. I think it’s good that you can get more family involvement too like you said. And it is nice sometimes to pick up a fast paced book!!
    I’m about to read your other MG post then I’ll share some suggestions after seeing which you mention ☺️

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    1. Hi Charlotte!
      Huh that’s a good observation! I don’t know whether white hedgehogs exist. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a hedgehog in person haha (maybe they just don’t live where I live?)
      I also don’t see many pure friendships in YA. If there is, it usually doesn’t take the spotlight in the story!

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      1. I’ll have to look it up 😅 yeah maybe. Although I think it’s kind of rare to see them anyway.
        Yeah that’s definitely true. We need more YA friendships!!

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