March Wrap-Up

Hey everyone,

Uh, March was like… WTF?!

This is the time where I say something along the lines of “[Insert month here] went by so quickly! Wow time flies!” because that’s what it feels like. Usually.

But… uh yeah. Not March. March was a beast. It was a rollercoaster. It was wonderful and yet it was also not. March just needs to undo itself and disappear. In fact can we just skip ahead to 2021 already??

All joking aside, it’s absolutely a rough time. I am fortunate that my family and I are healthy, and that we have a stable food supply. My heart goes out to those of you whose lives are affected by the pandemic. Hoping that we can all get through this in time.

First of all I am ahead of my Goodreads challenge! Woohoo!

This month, I shifted my focus to reading Middle Grade books (more on this later.) Overall I am really enjoying this genre. I love the innocence in MG fiction and the focus on family themes. There are some adorable friendships in the books that I’ve read so far!

I really enjoyed Tunnel of Bones, which is the sequel to City of Ghosts. Cassidy and Jacob have the cutest friendship (and to be honest, it’s the reason why I’m liking this series so much!!) I am really looking forward to the third book of the series which is coming this year! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Check out my review here!)

The Memory Keeper is a moving book about a girl who tries to “cure” her grandmother’s dementia. This book reduced me to tears on more than one occasion haha! Psstt…. I might be a bit biased here since this is my awesome author mentor’s book!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Check out my review here!)

Page by Paige is a graphic novel about a young artist who learns to express herself and find her people when she moves to a new high school. It was too angsty for me, and I felt the dialogue to be a bit stilted. That being said, I would have loved this if I had read this book when I was in high school haha! ❤️❤️

When I delved into the world of MG novels, Wonder was a title that came up again and again so I knew I had to read it! I loved the themes of family and self-acceptance in this book. It was heartbreaking and inspiring to read Auggie’s story. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (Check out my review here!)

Counting by 7s is another book that I heard a lot about. I’m a bit more than halfway through and loving it so far. Willow’s character is very unique and it’s been a delight to read her internal dialogue!

It’s been a pretty exciting writing month. First of all I was very anxiously awaiting the Author Mentor Match results and I was pretty such that I wouldn’t get matched…. and then I got paired with a mentor!!!! (Check out my post!!)

It feels surreal (still) and, I dunno, but I guess I’ve been doing something right??!

Also, because I wanted to take a mini-break from Children of the Sun after a very intense round of editing, I decided to go back and finish the last 30K of my previous manuscript. Now Fog is complete, at 157K words (I know, it’s so long haha.)

I’ve also finished planning the revisions for draft 6 of Children of the Sun (one of these days I’m going to lose count of the number of drafts hahaha 😅). It’s all in a very epic spreadsheet. Here is the first 5 scenes (of 64):

A major aspect of the revisions is that it’s going to be a MG novel rather than YA! Which is why I’ve been reading so much MG lately haha. I’ve sent all my notes over to my mentor for feedback (eeeekk!!) and we’ll see how it goes??? My mentor is super nice but at the same time I am always terrified about sharing my work with others, especially when it’s not 100% finished haha…

Also! I joined Camp Nanowrimo!

My goal is to finish draft 6 by the end of May, so this means that my goal for April is to finish half of the novel. There are 64 scenes in total so this means I want to finish editing 32 scenes this month!

Sorry! Not too much going on here! Unfortunately blogging has fallen by the wayside this month… Especially with everything that is going on in the news and writing! I’ve been replying to comments and trying to do a bit of blog-hopping when I can, and I think I’m doing better towards the end of the month compared to the beginning. I will do better for next month!

May is my blogiversary month!! I think it’s been… almost 3 years?! Am I a blogging dinosaur now!??! 😅 Well I am a proud blogging dinosaur haha. Last year I did a giveaway which was SO fun, so I might try it again!

Life? What life?

Haha… Okay all kidding aside I actually travelled a bit in late February/early March (Please don’t throw any tomatoes at me yet!!! I can explain!!!) At that time we knew about the coronavirus crisis in other parts of the world, but it didn’t seem to affect everyday life in Canada yet. There were no travel recommendations or advisories.

SOOOO we went to LA! Here are some pictures from Universal Studios haha.

Yeah. Good memories! (We were totally not socially distancing haha.)

That was then, and this is now:

I’m working from home most days although I do have to go into the hospital 33% of the time. (I do IT support for a hospital pharmacy at an acute care centre in a major city.) I definitely appreciate all those doctors/ nurses/ pharmacists/ housekeeping/ food services/ admin staff who keep our hospitals up and running. We have some COVID-19 patients in our hospital and we are preparing for the worst. So far we are ahead of the wave (and hopefully it stays that way.)

Other than this, I’ve also DIY’d some face masks: (This is my hubby, modelling one of my creations.)

These are just masks for me and my family to wear out and about the city. They are nowhere near as effective as N95 masks, but they are better than nothing! Also, I didn’t want to contribute to the problem of mask shortages by buying commercial masks.

P.S. Although some hospitals are accepting homemade mask donations, my hospital is in pretty good shape (although we are conserving supplies.) If you are curious about making face masks either for yourself or to donate, check out this great video tutorial from JOANN.

Here are my plans for April:

  • Staying at home. A lot.
  • Read some more awesome books!
  • Finish revising the first half of Children of the Sun!
  • Somehow stay fit while staying at home. Any ideas you guys lol??
  • Keep it up with the blog-hopping.
  • Get those thank you cards done!!

How are you all doing? Any ideas for exercising at home? What are doing to keep yourself occupied while self-isolating?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

17 responses to “March Wrap-Up”

  1. March has been something but I am glad you and your family are all safe!! 💛
    I’ve read City of Ghosts and Cassidy and Jacob’s friendship was my favourite part!!
    I definitely want to check out Wonder as well. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
    Wow going into draft 6 😱 how exciting?!?! I bet it would be terrifying to share your writing, I struggle to share with my sister. But you did it and now deserve a treat 😉
    Best of luck with camp NaNo. One of these days I’m going to truly participate.
    Aww.. bloggiversary coming up !!! How exciting ?!?!
    I hope work goes well and you stay safe!! I love your homemade face masks !!
    Good luck with staying fit. I know a lot of people are using the Joe Wicks fitness video on YouTube, it is half a hour every day !!! But I’m not doing that 🙈 but they do recommend it!!
    I hope you have a good April 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cassidy and Jacob are so cute haha. Glad to hear that you enjoy reading about their story too.
      It’s definitely terrifying to share our writing. I think it’s because of how much work and thought we put into it 🙂
      Camp Nano is always a great experience! I hope that you will get a chance to participate one day! It’s definitely low pressure compared to Nanowrimo since you can set any goal you want 🙂
      I’ll have to look up Joe Wicks on youtube! I’ve been doing videos from the blogilates channel (some of the videos are pretty short- like 10 minutes or even less- so it might be good to try if you’re short on time!)
      Hope that you stay safe and healthy this April 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes and the Scotland setting was so fun too!!
        Definitely, it is personal and means so much!!
        Hopefully and that is a good point as flexible goals might work better for me who has never wrote 50K before in a month.
        Oh that’s cool. I will look into that, thank you!! ❤
        Thank you so much Sophie!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s great that you’re reading so much MG and I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. Ours in May will likely be canceled, but we won’t know from the hotel and airport for a couple weeks. I just want to know when I can reschedule at this point. I wish I would have gotten away before this got bad. Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah we ended up cancelling our trip in May too (we were planning to go to Italy XD not going to happen anymore.) Hope that you will be able to reschedule your hotel and plane bookings! It’s too bad that looks like there won’t be much travelling for a while! Hope that you stay safe as well!


  3. Honestly March felt like an entire year wrapped into one month; but so far this year, all the months have felt like that. Hopefully April will start to look up though, we can only hope.

    I haven’t read that much in March but everything I read, I really enjoyed. I’ve mostly just been avoiding social media as much as I can to get away from everything in the world. I’ve been cleaning, working on myself and constantly taking my dog for walks to get fresh air and exercise. I’ve also been doing some yoga in my backyard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Laura. Yes I agree that March felt like a long time because so much happened. I think it’s a good idea to limit social media and the news for the sake of our mental health. That’s great that you’ve done some things you enjoy this month 🙂 Hope that you continue to stay healthy and safe!

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  4. That’s amazing that you DIYed face masks ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kay! 🙂


  5. March was something else, completely. I’m glad you and your family are all doing good though Sophie! That’s amazing that you made a face mask too and it looks really great (effective and stylish haha!). Glad to see you are reading a lot, middle grade are fun books and they all carry great themes. Keep up all the great work with your revising and I’m sending healthy vibes your way! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jai Lynn! Haha yes March was something else. I agree that MG books have great themes and I’m definitely planning to read more of this genre, at least while I’m continuing to work on this WIP. Thank you 🙂 Wishing you a safe & healthy April!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oof, I definitely feel that wish to skip all the way to 2021. It doesn’t feel like we’re only three months into the year – March seemed to go on for AGES. I’m glad to hear that you’re healthy and safe, though! ❤

    Middle grade sounds like a great type of book to be reading right now 😀 I love the City of Ghosts/Tunnel of Bones series and I can’t wait for the next one!

    And huge congrats once again for finding a mentor on your novel…AND for finishing another first draft!!

    I hope April goes well for you, and you continue to stay safe and sane while stuck at home 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Margaret! Haha yeah it seems like life is put on pause right now, and with everything going on, time definitely feels like it passes by slower.
      These days I’m loving the MG books which have been a good distraction (although surprisingly some of them have quite heavy themes.) I definitely can’t wait for the next book in the Cassidy Blake series 🙂
      Thanks for the sweet words Margaret. Wishing you a safe & healthy April too!


  7. Yeah, march was crazy but at least we now have more time to read? Trying to see the positive in all this is really hard 😣 reading more middle grade seems like an excellent idea right now! I might have to try that.
    I hope April is better for us all! Stay safe 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Juli 🙂 Yes there is a silver lining to every situation. I think I am able to read and write more than usual haha- there really isn’t much else to do! Hope that you’ll enjoy some MG books this month 🙂 Stay safe & healthy!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m really happy you and your family are safe and I’m sending you all the love and positive vibes in these complicated times ❤
    I'm so happy you're ahead of your challenge and yay for reading more MG books, I'll be looking forward to your recommendations, as I've been curious about reading more of these kind of books.
    Congratulations again on the AMM, I'm so so soooooo proud of you, really. I wish you all the best for your writing and revisions, YOU CAN DO THIS ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Marie for your uplifting comment!! So far I’ve been loving the MG genre. Some of the MG books are really heartwarming because it’s a time when kids still have a close relationship with their parents while trying to learn to be independent. I think MG friendships are the cutest since they are so innocent and almost never become romantic.
      Sending you the best wishes for April. Hope that you safe well and healthy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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