Books I want to read but don’t want to read

Hi everyone!

I’ll have to make a bookish confession, everyone.

There are books that I really want to read (my heart). Usually these are fast-paced books with lots of action and a sprinkle of romance and takes 2 seconds to inhale from beginning to end. Then there are books that I aspire to read one day (my brain). These are usually the books that everyone loves; sometimes also books that are quieter, slower paced, require a bit more thought…

Sometimes my heart agrees with my brain, but often times they don’t. SOOO… today I want to talk a bit about the books that my brain tells me to read, that I really think I should read one day, but… for some reason my heart has been pushing them back on my TBR.

Thank you so much to Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books for tagging me on this one. Make sure to check out Marie’s blog! She is amazing and so sweet and she writes some of the best blog posts!

The Rules:

  • Link back to the original tag (this post, and Jami!)
  • Complete the questions with books you want to have read but don’t want to read
  • Tag some people at the end to do the tag next

A book that you feel you need to read because everyone talks about it

At some point everyone was talking about Truthwitch! I did finally get my hands on this book from the library and I tried reading it… but I really couldn’t get into the story. I wouldn’t count this as a DNF for now since it is something that I want to eventually come back to, I’m just not in the mood for this for now.

A book that’s really long

I’ve heard great things about 1Q84, but at 925 pages I am not sure if I’ll be reaching for this book any time soon! The only reassurance is that the original Japanese edition was a series of 3 books, so in fact each book is only around 300 pages lol :’)

A book you’ve owned / had on your TBR for too long

American Gods was on my TBR since July 2017 and…. I don’t think I’ll be reading this any time soon. That being said, it is on my physical book shelf so I think I should tackle it one day.

A book that is ‘required’ reading (eg, school text, really popular classic – something you feel obligated to read!)

I’ve always felt obligated to read classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, but the more I feel obligated to read something the less I want to read it lol 🙂

A book that intimidates you

I really didn’t want to put this book in this post because I really loved The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and in general I’ve been hearing great things about this book. But the Goodreads summary kind of gives me that literary vibe……. and don’t get me wrong, there are some literary books that I enjoyed, and I think there is a great need for literary fiction. However anything that sounds literary automatically intimidates me.

That being said I really do want to eventually read this book one day in case I end up loving it.

A book that you think might be slow

Even the title of this book hints at its slowness haha… From what I’ve heard about The Slow Regard of Silent Things, even though it is short, the pacing is slow and nothing much happens. That being said, I do have the physical book on my shelf (a gift from a friend) sooo I should probably read this one day.

A book you need to be in the right mood for

Little Fires Everywhere is a book that I’ve heard lots of great things for, it also won the Goodreads Choice award back in 2017, and it has great ratings. That being said, it is an adult novel and the description gives me that literary vibe. (And you guys know what happens when I get literary vibes haha….) I think I’ll have to be in the right frame of mind for this one.

A book you’re unsure if you will like

Five Feet Apart won the Goodreads Choice Award for YA last year, so I know it is a good one and lots of people like it. However I’m not sure if “sick-lit” is for me. I did like some books in the genre, including Everything Everything, although last year I struggled with Opposite of Always. I might pick up Five Feet Apart one day, but it’s not on my radar at the moment.

I tag these wonderful people:

And you 🙂

Are there books that you think you should read (but you don’t want to?) Do your heart and brain have differing opinions about what to read next?

30 responses to “Books I want to read but don’t want to read”

  1. I refuse to read that Rothfuss novella, or anything else he writes, until he finishes Kvothe’s story 😂 could just be me being a little impatient haha

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    1. Hahhaa yeah. I can definitely relate! I am still waiting for book 3, although my hope dwindles a bit every year..

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      1. It’s been so long its getting to the point where the only thing I remember is the tedium of the parts with Felurian 😭

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      2. LOL ah yes the Felurian…. that’s pretty much all I can remember about book 2 lol.

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  2. Thanks for the tag!! This is definitely a tag where I’ll have a lot of material for answers haha.

    I do recommend 1Q84, even though it’s kind of faded from memory for me since I read it so long ago. But I adore Murakami’s writing, and I find that his books are very easy to get through. For being such a long book it didn’t take me long to finish it!

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    1. Hi Katie! That’s great to hear that you enjoyed 1Q84 haha. I’ve been hearing great things about this book overall so I’m sure it’s one of those that I will like once I get started… but getting started might be the hardest part for me haha. Thank you 🙂


  3. After just finishing One Hundred Years of Solitude ( an I should read choice) I’m up for a comfy mystery as per Alexander McCall Smith! Although Gertrude Stein’s Three Lives is sitting right across from me with my bookmark peeking out from it, so …

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    1. Hi Jan 🙂 I read One Hundred Years of Solitude a while back. It’s quite faint in my memory but I remembered that it wasn’t the fastest book to digest haha. As much as I try to force myself to read some thoughtful books once in a while, it’s nice to be able to fall back on quick and fun reads!


  4. I loved reading your answers to this tag!!
    I have Truthwitch on my TBR as the worldbuilding is supposed to be amazing so I would love to experience that but I think I will have to be in the right mood for that one. I hope the next time you pick it up that you enjoy it more.
    I struggle to read books that I feel like I should read as well!! It is so much pressure and expectation it takes away from the enjoyment a little bit.
    I loved The Starless Sea, even more than the Night Circus. It does have a non-sensical aspects but I loved that so much. It was a really magical and fun read. I know you aren’t using audiobooks at the moment but the audiobook for this is amazing. I hope you really love it when you pick it up!
    I’ve read a lot of good things about Little Fires Everywhere but there is part of me that is still resistant to pick it up, probably as is sounds so different to what I usually read.
    Great tag, I loved reading your answers!! ❤

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    1. Hello Sophie!
      Yes the worldbuilding in Truthwitch is amazing (at least, what I’ve read of it) but I was overwhelmed by all the details and couldn’t quite figure out how the world worked… that being said I only finished 5% or so haha. I do want to give this book another try one day. Hope that you’ll enjoy this one if you do get to read it 🙂
      Glad to hear that you’ve liked The Starless Sea (and even more than the Night Circus!) I do have some extra credits on my audiobook subscription so I might give this a try. I think I’ll just have to be in the right mood for this one 🙂
      Thank you Sophie!

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      1. Yes sometimes these detail heavy books are best for certain moods as you need to concentrate a lot so I can understand being overwhelmed!! Thank you 🙂

        Ohh yay!! I agree, it is another one which suits the right mood. I hope you will love it!!

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  6. Don’t be intimidated by The Starless Sea!! It’s amazing!! If you liked the writing in The Night Circus, then this one shouldn’t be too literary for you. I was a bit skeptical going in as well, but it ended up being one of my favorite books of last year.

    I definitely understand this feeling of books you want to read vs. books you know you SHOULD read. Good luck with all of these, and I hope they end up being even better than you expected! 😀

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    1. Hi Margaret! Haha yeah everyone is telling me that The Starless Sea is good! I think this means that I should read it soon haha. Glad to hear that it’s not too intimidating 🙂


  7. Oh this is such a fun tag! There are definitely a lot of books I feel like I should read – mainly all the mega popular series like Throne of Glass so I can be in on the conversation. But I just never seem to be in the mood! I’ve not read any of these books either, but I would like to give Truthwitch a go one day. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of those super famous books everyone seems to have read but it just doesn’t interest me 😅

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    1. Hi Abi! Haha I definitely know how you feel. There are a bunch of books that I haven’t read that I feel I should just to be part of the conversation XD Hope that you’ll like Truthwitch- I’ve heard good things about this one in general and I really do hope to go back and finish book 1 one day 🙂

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  9. Thank you so much for tagging me!
    I feel the same way about Little Fires Everywhere. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now but never find myself in the right mood for it. Maybe it’s just not meant to be?

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    1. Glad to find someone who feels the same way haha 🙂 I think reading should be a fun activity after all so I don’t like to force myself to read books that I’m not in the mood for

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  10. Aww thank you for your sweet words, Sophie, this means SO much ❤ ❤
    I'm so happy you did this tag and I loved reading your answers so much ❤ The Starless Sea is also a book that really intimidates me! I really liked The Night Circus, even if it took me a while to get into the story and I'm a little scared that the same thing will happen to me with The Starless Sea. I think, just like you, that I need to be in the right mood for it 🙂

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    1. Hi Marie!! Wow I’m glad that I’m not the only one intimidated by The Starless Sea, since I’ve only heard good things about this book and it seems like everyone is excited to read it haha. It was a long time since I read The Night Circus but I remembered it took me a while to get into the story, but I really ended up loving it in the end. I think that’s what makes me a bit nervous about it haha 🙂 In any case I hope that we’ll be in the right mood to read this book someday 🙂

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  12. I hear you about truthwitch. Ah I do get what you mean about not wanting to read things out of obligation (at the same time I want to recommend to kill a mockingbird, cos it’s just so so good!) And I agree about five feet apart. Thanks for the tag! ❤

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    1. Glad that you feel the same way about Truthwitch haha XD I think I should definitely read To Kill a Mockingbird sometime since it’s such a classic – just need to wait for the right mood I think 🙂


  13. Yeah I think the whole obligation thing affects me too. It’s probably part of why I keep struggling, because I feel like I have to catch up. I just need to try and remind myself that I’m desperate to read all of the books on my TBR!! Because I am 😂
    I want to read Truthwitch but I’m probably going to read Something Strange & Deadly first as I really felt in the mood for it last year (then never read it but brought the series second hand).
    I really want to read Starless Sea but I’m waiting for the libraries to reopen as I want a print copy to pick up.
    And I did really like the film adaptation of Five Feet Apart but I haven’t read the book so I can’t really say whether I recommend it or not.
    I hope you get to read these one day, especially the ones you already own.

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    1. Hello Charlotte! Our TBRs do get out of hand don’t they? XD I’ve tried to finish my entire TBR but I think I’ve accepted that I will probably always add books at a faster rate than I read them!
      That’s great that Truthwitch and Starless Sea are on your TBR too. I don’t think I will read them anytime soon but I’m curious to hear your thoughts when you get to them 🙂

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      1. Yeah I think that’s probably the same with most people. Especially when such incredible sounding new releases keep coming out as well! On the bright side as least there’s always more books to be excited about though. Having an empty the would be pretty strange.
        Thanks I’ll let you know what I think when I get to them ☺️ although I will have to wait for the libraries to open to get to The Starless Sea.

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      2. That’s true 🙂 I can’t imagine having an empty TBR! I don’t think that would be fun at all. At least with a long TBR we can pick and choose what we want to read off the list 🙂

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      3. No it would be terrible. I mean yeah you could re-read books – which I do love doing – but you’d never get the excitement of discovering a plot for the first time.

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