Re-Reading Cinder

Hello everyone!

Soooo you guys probably know by now that I have the bookish memory of a goldfish. It is in the few days after finishing a book when my memory of the characters and events are fresh. A week or two after? Details get blurry and it can be challenging to write a review. A few months later? Uh, I could probably only give you a general gist of the premise. How about a few years?? I could tell you whether or not I liked it, and, if we’re lucky, one (short) sentence about the plot of the book.

The first time I read Cinder was several years ago (during my pre-book blogging days). And to be honest, I…… didn’t remember much about it (shocker there.) I also didn’t make an effort to read the rest of the series. However, after reading Renegades by the same author (and loving it), it really motivated me to go back to the Lunar Chronicles series and maybe even finishing it.

So I decided to reread Cinder and really ended up enjoying it even more than when I read it the first time.

Even though I think many of you have read this book already, I am keeping this review spoiler-free in case you haven’t read it yet, or if you are planning to re-read this book like me!

  • Overall I really liked the main character, Cinder, who was a strong female MC who made her own decisions and didn’t let the world boss her around.
  • Loved the chemistry between Cinder and Prince Kai, which made me want to keep reading.
  • The secondary characters were well-thought-out. Although Cinder’s stepmother and step sister treated her poorly (and I hated them as characters,) they were human too.
  • The plot was fast-paced. There was always a sense of suspense and mystery from beginning to end. Each time a question was answered, a new mystery was unboxed. I was intrigued from beginning to end.
  • There were touching, emotional moments that had me close to tears.
  • I loved how the story for Cinderella was adapted for modern times. The original story was about Cinderella wanting to go to the ball, being visited by the fairy godmother, and living her dream of marrying the prince. In this novel, Cinder was proactive and took matters to her own hands, and she had bigger objectives than getting the prince to marry her.
  • Loved the worldbuilding and all the intricate history and politics.
  • I was a bit frustrated that some events could have been avoided if characters had communicated better…… you know what I mean?? (Didn’t want to spoil things here haha.)

Cinder was a fast-paced fairy tale retelling with a strong female lead and endless mysteries and suspense. I am definitely looking forward to continuing this series!

4/5 fishies!

Have you read this series? Do you like rereading? Any books you’ve reread lately?

14 responses to “Re-Reading Cinder”

  1. I just read this book for the first time, and it was SO MUCH FUN! What I would have added to your “liked” list was that the world building was excellent. I particularly loved that Meyer took the time to make the distinction between androids, cyborgs, and robots. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series this summer.

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    1. Yes Cinder is such a fun book!! I really loved the world-building in this book as well! Sounds like we’ll both be reading the rest of this series this year 🙂

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  2. I don’t usually re-read because there are so many other books to read. However, like you, I don’t remember much after a while.

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    1. Yes I find it hard to make the decision to reread as well and I probably read more new books than I go back to reread books haha 🙂

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  3. I remember loving this book when I read it and as a series I have thought about rereading them. Cinder and Kai were one of my favourite ships of the series and I really like how Meyer developed their relationship in Cinder. The lack of communication was definitely frustrating at times, but I think that highlights their growth in the later books as they improve that issue.

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    1. Glad that you enjoyed this book too Lois 🙂 I liked Cinder and Kai and I’m glad to see them make a reappearance in Scarlet, although they don’t take as much of a central role. I’m still not even close to finishing the series yet, but I am rooting for a happy ending for this couple 🙂


  4. I hope you continue with the series

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    1. i posted my comment on accident and i can’t delete it so alas i am here again! XD

      I hope you continue with the series! it’s on of my favorites! I think Cress was my favorite book. It has all of my favorite characters. I loved it so much ❤

      Amber @ Escape Life in the Pages

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      1. Haha no worries! This happens to me a lot!
        I am reading Scarlet now and enjoying it so far. I’ve actually heard good things about Cress so I’m looking forward to it 🙂


  5. Great review, Sophie! I’ve been wanting to reread Cinder too so I can continue with the series, glad to see you enjoyed it too the second time around!

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    1. That’s great that you’re hoping to reread this book too. I am definitely continuing with the series (maybe hoping to finish it by the end of this year haha 🙂 ) Hope that you’ll get to continue the series as well!


  6. I really want to reread this sometime. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the series. I know that I particularly loved Scarlett & Cress so I I really hope that you enjoy them as well (:

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    1. I asked you which are your favourite books in the series and now I realize I have your answer haha 🙂 I am in the middle of Scarlet which I am liking so far. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this book!

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      1. Yes I’ve just replied to that comment so I know which one you mean :L I’m glad you were enjoying it (: I loved the setting of that one.

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