Let’s Be Legends

Kara Olecki didn’t mean to kill her boyfriend Matt. But she did—and she’s paying the price. As she waits for the jury’s decision, she has nothing but time to recap all the important moments, both good and bad, that led up to her sentencing. Told in dual timelines, experience Kara’s thoughts in the courtroom and musings from the previous two years: From the first time she laid eyes on Matt and their ski trip to Colorado, to their squabbles and individual tribulations. It was the kind of first relationship that Kara had imagined. Right up until the end.

Thank you author Sean Fesko for providing a free copy of this eBook, in exchange for an honest review.


Kara was on trial for the murder of her boyfriend. In this short story, Kara relived the moments of her life prior to the event that Matt had died. At the time that she’d met Matt, it was the summer before her junior year at a new school. Despite being the new girl in town, Kara wasn’t shy. She was soon recruited for the swim team, and helping to collect money for the animal shelter. On the outside, Kara was a sweet girl, doing the things that she was supposed to do. However, there was a side of her that she didn’t show anyone. I liked that Kara was a complex, multifaceted character, and that throughout the story, this “inner Kara” becomes louder and louder. The fact that she wasn’t perfect made me root for her more.

I wished to know more about the other characters in this novel. Matt was a basketball player and one of the popular kids in school. Despite being typecast as a jock, he had a kind heart. Other than being a “nice kid”, I wished I could say more about Matt, and although I liked that this novel was written in Kara’s point of view, I wanted to understand Matt more, especially his actions towards the end of the novel. In terms of Kara and Matt’s relationship, it was clear that Kara and Matt had some good times together in the beginning, however I felt that the eventual downturn of their relationship was glossed over. 

There was less focus on the minor characters, such as Kara’s best friend Machel and her family. I wished there was more about these characters and their relationship dynamics in this story.

Plot & Pacing

The story toggled between present day, when Kara was in court, and the past, when Kara relived her relationship with Matt. I liked reading about the reflective, present-day Kara, and the Kara who struggled with the ups and downs of high school life. The primary focus was on Kara’s past, while the present-day chapters were shorter and less detailed. I was curious about the specifics of what was said in the court proceedings and how the judges came to their final decision.

The pacing was spot-on. The premise and the mystery of what exactly happened between Kara and Matt kept me intrigued throughout the story. I was able to read the entire book in one sitting. I didn’t find the story to move too quickly, although I did want to get to know the secondary characters better.


The writing and dialogues flowed well. I liked that historical events were used as references throughout the novel, so that I was able to get a sense of the time frame of the story.

The Bottom Line: 3/5 stars!

Overall I enjoyed Let’s Be Legends. The mystery and intrigue kept me glued to the page from beginning to end. My only reservation was that I wished the story was longer and that there was more focus on the characters and their relationships.

What is a recent mystery/thriller that you’ve read?

30 Replies to “Let’s Be Legends”

  1. Hi Sophie! I’ve forgotten how much I love your reviews after taking a break from blogging! 😊 The summary of the book sucked me in right away, because the premise sounds interesting. It sucks when thriller-esque (is this novel a thriller?) novels doesn’t spend enough time fleshing out the other characters — even if they’re just minor characters — which always leaves me feeling like I wasn’t emotionally connected to the story enough for the ending to leave a big impact.

    Anyways, great review! I enjoyed reading it! 🌷

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    1. Thank you Zoie! Yes that is what I find about thriller-type novels as well, in that the characters often aren’t as fleshed out as they could be. However overall this was an enjoyable book 🙂 thank you!!

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    2. Hi Zoie,

      There are a few thriller elements in my story, but mostly it’s a YA contemporary. I had one reader who said it was similar to Jodi Picoult’s work. I’m not too familiar with her, but if you are this could be a good reference.


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  2. Wow! Now I want to read this novel too. 😊 You gave us an enticing sneak peek at this story! I have a feeling I would like to get to know Matt better too.

    The most recent thriller I read was Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. It was amazing, and the MCs, including the main villain, were very well fleshed out. My only real complaint was that Hannibal Lecter didn’t get enough screen time. 😂😂😂

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    1. This was a short and quick read and I think it was pretty good for its length! Hope that you’ll enjoy it if you get a chance to read it 🙂
      I think I remember you talking about Red Dragon before. It sounds interesting. Maybe I should read it especially since I am writing a detective novel now hahahaha :’)

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      1. Wow a detective novel! 😀 Or did you mean Children of the Sun? (Since I see it more as sci-fi, though there are some elements of mystery in it.)

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      2. For some reason, I didn’t see a notification for this comment… But yes, I can see that there are some mystery parts in Children of the Sun. 😊

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  3. Hey!! I like that Kara wasn’t perfect because when characters are shown as being perfect it can be a bit of a turn off!! And I like that it shows 2 perspectives like before and after so you can see how she changed due to the event!!
    It’s a shame you didn’t get to know more about the secondary characters but I am glad you enjoyed it overall. Great review 💛
    I hardly ever read any mystery or thrillers but I have been tempted to try them out!! 😊

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  4. Great review for this book. I’m glad you enjoyed it somewhat too. I can see why seeing some chapters from Matt’s POV would allow for more insight into his character but based on the blurb for this book I can kind of also see why it was only told from Kate’s POV. Still I’ve read books where I felt there was a need for an additional POV to make the story better so I get where you’re coming from.
    This sounds like an interesting read. I’m glad the pacing was well done because in a story like this it really needs to be, and it sounds like the flips between the present and the past were well written too so added bonus there!
    Again great review. 🙂 ❤️

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    1. Yes that’s true 🙂 there are some books that are meant to be one POV or multiple POVs right? I usually prefer one POV books however this was one book where I would have loved to see both POVs!
      Thank you Beth!! 🙂

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