Let’s Chat! Good & Bad Reading Habits

Hey everyone!

Recently I read this really fun series of tags by Kaleena @ Reader Voracious about good reading habits and bad ones. (By the way, Kaleena has a super fantastic blog so be sure to check it out!) It really got me thinking about my own reading habits, because I guess I never really thought about them in this way before?

Interestingly, I had a very hard time grouping some of these habits into good vs. bad. For example, is it good to read when I like? Or should I be more structured in my reading?

Psst… Although this is technically a tag, I thought this would make for a good discussion post as well. Let me know what your reading habits are 🙂

Good Habits

1: I read whenever I feel like

I kind of designate certain periods of my day for reading. For example, I would read during my morning and afternoon commute, but if I am not feeling like it, I would put down my book. Conversely if I am super into a book that I am reading, I would spend all day and night reading it! So bottom line is, I read when I am in the mood of reading, and I kind of like it that way.

2: I write reviews right after I finish a book

That’s for two reasons! First of all, my feelings about a book are the strongest the moment I finish it. Whether I love the book to bits or I truly think it’s terrible, I want to write all my thoughts and feelings into my review so that it’s all fresh.

Secondly (and most importantly)……. to be honest, my memory is not that great. Several weeks (or even several days) after finishing a book, my memory of the events and the characters will start to fade away. I will literally not know what I’m talking about.

3: I read one book at a time… most of the time

I mean, I don’t think it is a bad habit necessarily to read multiple books at a time. Sometimes I do find myself reading more than one book at a time, for example last month haha, but it feels a bit disorganized to me. I find that I can get into books more when I am reading just one book. Let me know what your thoughts are on this!

4: I keep my reading budget low

All right, confession here: I am kind of a cheap person? Cheap as in frugal. I try to save money when I can. Back when I started book blogging, my book spending went through the roof. In the last year or so, I kept my book budget trim by borrowing most of my books from the library and buying second-hand books. (However I understand that not everyone have access to a good library or a second-hand book store!)

Bad Habits

1: I am judge books by their covers… and Goodreads ratings

I’m stealing a line from Kaleena here, but it is true that I don’t got enough time to read every Goodreads blurb. After reading a lot of book blurbs all at once, my head spins and they all blur into one! Even though 99% of the books I read are ebooks and audiobooks, I am absolutely influenced by the covers. I am also very dependent on Goodreads ratings, if a book has less than a 4-star (or occasionally 3.9-star) rating on Goodreads, then I will not even look at the book.

2: I stick to genres that I am comfortable with

And that means YA. I’ve very rarely ventured into adult books in the past year or so, which I won’t get into much here. I read most notably YA contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy, and that’s because I know these are books that I will likely fly through, that are almost guaranteed to be light-hearted, fast-paced and overall fun reads.

This next year, I’m going to try to… read a bit more adult fiction? We’ll see how it goes? 🙂

3: I hold grudges

If there is a writer that disappointed me, I might give them a second chance. But if I am still not impressed after two books… then I am done. It could be their writing style, or other quirks that I am not fond of (instalove and shallow characters come to mind.) The thing is that I don’t have much time to read, period, and there are so many other books that I have my eyes on. Why spend time on books that I don’t think I will enjoy?

I don’t know. What do you guys think about this? Do you give any second chances?

4: I am critical about the books that I read

As I read more and more, I find myself being a bit more critical. I have lower threshold for certain things, like instalove or cringe-worthy dialogue for example. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I should just lay back and enjoy the books more, rather than trying to pick things apart, lol 🙂

What are some of your reading habits? Do you read when you feel like or are you more structured? Do you judge books by their covers, Goodreads ratings or reviews? Are you peculiar about which authors you read, and do you believe in second chances?

41 Replies to “Let’s Chat! Good & Bad Reading Habits”

  1. Great list Sophie! I’m totally guilty for judging a book based on its cover and goodreads rating, especially if it’s by new to me authors. I tend to read more than one book at once though, so it helps me to read faster and can switch easily from one book to another when I notice I started to lose steam 🙂

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    1. Yes!!! I definitely rely more on cover and Goodreads ratings for new-to-me authors. If I know an author and love their books so far then I’m going to read their next novel no matter what 🙂
      That’s interesting that you read multiple books at once, and it sounds like it’s working for you so far so that’s great 🙂


  2. I agree about instalove being a turnoff HAHA though I’ll admit that I make exceptions sometimes. Like I knoow it’s unrealistic instalove but I just enjoy it too much to care :’D

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  3. I spend a HUGE amount of money on books. Its a bad habit! I also tend to judge books by their covers but eventually I come around, hopefully. I have been told to read Magnus Chase, but I don’t want to read because the cover has a fire wolf! I don’t know why but I can’t get myself to like it!
    Great post! (P.S. Sorry for the rant about Magnus Chase! 😅)

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    1. Haha now I actually avoid physical bookstores since I know I will spend hours inside and come out with something! 🙂
      Lol no worries. No matter how hard we try, it is hard to not be influenced by the book cover 🙂

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  4. I feel like this could literally be my post Sophie! We apparently have a lot of good and bad reading habits in common. 😀
    I can only read one book at a time (my memory is terrible so if I tried anymore than that I’d be getting the plots mixed up) and of course I’m a mood reader so I read whenever I want too.
    Also with my bad habits I tend to stick to one genre I’m comfortable with, but I could try branching out (I should maybe make it a resolution of mine!)
    I wish I could say I have writing my reviews as soon as I finish a book as one of my ‘good habits’ but I’m so behind on reviews I couldn’t even lie convincingly about it!
    Great post. 🙂 ❤️

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    1. Hey Beth 🙂 Glad to hear that we have some similar habits!
      Haha yeah. I actually broke my own rule here and recently started two YARC books, both with Asian MCs and fantasy/sci-fi-ish plot. I started getting the two mixed up so I am focusing on one at a time haha 🙂
      Yes I remember that you tend to read a lot of YA fantasy. It is my goal to branch out a bit this year too!
      I love writing reviews ASAP so I can get it out of my system. I feel like it is also my way of digesting the story before moving on to the next one. Also I won’t remember much about the novel a while down the line lol.
      Thank you Beth ❤

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      1. I learnt the hard way I can only focus on one book at a time, plus it’s not like it saves any time reading two at once so I figured why bother? I enjoy the books more that way.
        I need to catch up on my reviews, but I should be able to son, fingers crossed anyways.
        That’s all right. 🙂 ❤

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  5. I only read one book at a time too– I can be very indecisive so if I had two books on the go I would never be able to pick which one to read 😂

    I related mostly to the bad habits 😂😂 I judge a book by the cover and goodread ratings too but it helps to narrow down by giant TBR 😂 and I definitely stick to a genre I love but I am trying at widening my genre too 😊

    I also have the very bad habit of by eyes flicking ahead of where I am reading so I get mini spoilers. I Yesannoy myself but my eyes just flick over the page 😂
    Great post!! 💛

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    1. Hello! Glad to hear that we have some of the same habits haha.
      Book covers and goodreads ratings are so helpful for narrowing down what books to read. There are just so many books out there, and without these things, it’ll be so hard to pick!!
      That’s great, sounds like we’re both going to be branching out from our reading comfort zones 🙂
      Oh hahaha, I can relate. When I am really into a scene and desperate to know what happens next, my eyes also wander a bit to catch a spoiler up ahead. Sometimes I actually physically block the next part of the page with my hand so I won’t be tempted to read it haha 🙂

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      1. Yes!! 😊 Yes it is really useful– it would super hard to pick– my TBR would be insanely long 😂
        Yes it should be good!! 😊
        Yes that’s what I do. And blocking it with your hands sounds like a good idea to avoid temptation. I might start doing that!! 😂

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  6. Ahh this is such a fun post, I love it so much! I admire you so much for being able to write your reviews right away, I always procrastinate this for some reason and then I regret everything when I forgot the characters’ names and everything that happened in the book 😂
    I’m with you about goodreads ratings, I know it can be bad, but I tend to check them before adding a book to my TBR and a rating below 4 stars makes me consider the book twice before adding it, too… :/
    Lovely post!!< 3

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    1. Hey Marie 🙂 haha yes I used to procrastinate when it came to writing reviews but that made it really hard. Now I use my commute time to write reviews on my phone, and I find that it is more efficient and faster because I still remember the story 🙂
      Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who relies on Goodreads ratings. There are too many books out there so the rating really helps to narrow them down. However there are some books that I loved that had a 3.something rating haha..
      Thank you Marie ❤

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    1. Hey Stefanie 🙂 glad to hear that I’m not the only one who judges book covers haha. I often don’t even get to the back summary, and just rely on Goodreads ratings and blog reviews instead. Sometimes I start books without even knowing what they are about lol :’)

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  7. I love this post idea! I need to pick up on some of your good habits — I pretty much always put off writing reviews for way too long, which isn’t good because like you, I don’t necessarily have the best memory, haha. I don’t think that you should worry about being too critical, though I’ve definitely been there. I think that, as we read more and more books knowing that we’ll be reviewing them afterwards, we naturally become a bit more critical and start picking out trends of not-so-enjoyable tropes across books. I still do worry about being too enthusiastic about a book (whether that entails loving or hating it), but I’m not sure if it’s an avoidable thing!

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    1. Hey Alex! Yeah writing reviews as soon as possible was one of the best things I started doing. It is much easier to write them right away while the book is still fresh in my mind!
      You are right that part of being critical is because I am thinking about how to review the book as I am reading it. And reading a lot more books means that we are able to pick out tropes and cliches easier.

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  8. I don’t think being more critical is a bad habit! I think it’s a good thing! It shows you are growing as a reader, developing more refined/defined tastes, and know what you like. It’s like they say, if you only ate peanut butter sandwiches for a year by the end of the year you would be a PB&J connoisseur and have opinions about things other people wouldn’t even notice!

    I’ve been going to the library more lately too. I feel so thankful to have access to a nearby city-library with a HUGE inventory, so so far I haven’t come across a book I want that they don’t have. I have to wait sometimes but… that’s where my small spending budget comes in!

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    1. Lol that is true. I guess you are right that being more critical is not that bad. I do find that I am more in tune with my mood which means being able to choose books that are right for my mood 🙂
      That’s great that you have access to a good library! Using the library saves a lot of money haha 🙂 I get most of my books through an online app through my library (ebooks and audiobooks) which saves time since I don’t have to physically go there haha.

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      1. Well, and just a phone screen is too small! A tablet fits about as many words per page as a book does, but on a phone you’re just turning the page too much. I actually get distracted by all of the page turning and forget what I’ve read, lol.

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  9. Such a great discussion topic! 😄 My good reading habits include reviewing every book I read and always researching books intensely before I buy them 👍 But I’m sadly prone to procrastinating reading sequels, because I fear that they won’t live up to the first book 😅 For me it’s also the worst to get disappointed by an author, I do hold some grudges as well 😦

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    1. Hey Caro! That’s awesome that you are reviewing every book that you read. Now that I write reviews right after I finish a book, I am able to review almost all the books that I read too.
      It is a good habit to research the books before you buy them, that way you are better able to choose books that you like right? I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to series haha. When I am really loving the series, I tend to speed through them, but if I feel so-so about the first book I might not even touch the rest of the series…
      That’s true that there are some sequels that don’t live up to the first book unfortunately. I tend to be pretty hopeful though although there are books that disappointed me!

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  10. Aww thanks so much for the compliment about my blog, you are so sweet Sophie!

    I also try to write my reviews as soon after finishing the book as possible (and before I start another book), mostly for the same reasons. I have the memory of a goldfish, and while I take notes about my feelings and thoughts while reading, my reviews are always best when done while the book is fresh in my mind.

    I do want to say that I wasn’t the creator of these tags though! The Good Reading habits tag was created by Ally @ Ally Writes Things, and I am not sure who created the Bad Reading Habits tag. Don’t want to take any credit here!

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    1. Hey Kaleena! No problem, I love your blog posts 🙂
      Yeah it makes a big difference to write my reviews right away. I feel more inspired and I enjoy writing them sooner compared to much later when I start to forget haha 🙂 I absolutely agree with what you said, and I’m glad that we have the same habits when it comes to reviews!
      Oh good to know! sometimes I forget to credit the creators, so I’ll go back and add their names here 🙂


  11. We’ve quite the same habit. I’m guilty of judging books by its cover that I dedicated a whole entry about it lol.

    Not sure whether it’s a bad habit or not but I LOVE TO RE-READ A LOT to the point that I could read the books for more than 10 times or maybe more. I’ve got all the storyline, characters and exciting scenes memorized because of it lol.

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    1. Glad that I’m not the only cover-judger here haha 🙂
      It’s good to reread. I’ve always admired people who remember details about a book or movie! I think in general we should read whatever we love, whether it is a new book or rereading an older book!


  12. I think being able to read a book whenever you like is an awesome freedom.
    Like you, I like to read 1 book at a time, and keep the budget low. (Let us mourn the lack of space for unlimited number of books in our apartments/ houses.)
    If I am to review a book, I actually make notes as I read. And then, once I’m done, I write a full review with all the notes I took along the way. That way – nothing is forgotten.

    As far as grudges are concerned, I am right there with you. Sticking to certain genres is related. I gave books from different genres a go before, but I didn’t like it. What’s wrong with not wasting time on something you won’t enjoy? Picking a book by its cover has never really failed me. I mean sure, aside from the cover, I read the blurb to make sure those two things go hand in hand.

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    1. Hello! Yes I think there is a lot of emphasis on physical copies of books here on the blogs, but that’s not realistic for those of us who have tight budgets and/or spaces!
      That’s great that you make notes as you go along when you read a book. It sounds like a good habit to get into 🙂
      You’re absolutely right about choosing books that we enjoy. It makes sense to try a different genre every now and then, but it’s too much work to force ourselves to read what we don’t like 🙂

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