B&W Photo Challenge! Day 4

Hello everyone!

Thank you Darren @ The Arty Plantsman for the nomination. I am so happy to be doing this photo challenge again. Hope that you guys will enjoy these new photos. (Pssst…. I can’t share explanations as per the challenge rules, but I may post colour versions and explanations in a separate post later!)


The rules are: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

Today I challenge Sieran Lane @ A Wild and Stormy Mind!

No worries if photos and tags are not your thing. On the other hand, if you haven’t been tagged but would love to participate, consider yourself nominated!

29 Replies to “B&W Photo Challenge! Day 4”

  1. Thanks for the tag! 😀 I barely know anyone on WordPress, though, lol, and I don’t know if I’ll have the time to do this, but maybe I can do one–eventually, haha. Camp Nanowrimo is so time-consuming. XDD I like your photos, even though we don’t get any explanations. 🙂

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      1. Btw I realized that I’m actually able to do more writing if I see it as a source of pleasure and relaxation, rather than as a duty/ work task to be done. I mean I still see it as a duty, but focusing on how it’s a pleasurable and relaxing activity helps me get more done!

        Writing tends to make me feel calmer and more joyful. It puts me into a peaceful, blissful zone.


      2. You’re right haha. Especially with Camp Nano, I’ve been thinking of writing as a duty and sometimes it feels like work. I should remember that it is something to be enjoyed 🙂

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      3. Yes!! Maybe this is like mindfulness meditation. When you see it as a pleasure, your muscles relax, your heart rate and breathing slow, and it becomes less effortful and easier to write. Well, I feel more relaxed now that I see it as a pleasurable, restful activity rather than as a job I must do today. In this more relaxed state, I find that I can slip in and immerse myself into my story more easily. (It’s like diving in gracefully rather than jumping into the water with a body slam. XD)

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      4. Hmm I feel like it depends on what I am writing and how I felt the last time I wrote. If it is an interesting part, or if I felt like the writing flowed when I last left off, then I feel more excited to continue. Otherwise I don’t feel motivated haha. But you are right in that I can try to actively change my mood so that I look forward to writing 🙂

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      5. Good point. I’m less motivated at a part that’s less exciting, haha. I’m so in love with my characters, though, which always helps to spike up my motivation, lol.

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      6. I’m also so stoked that ALL THREE of my romance couples are exciting and stirring my fancies now. My first couple was a little boring for a while, but now, emotional things have happened, so their story has spiced up and gotten much more interesting. 😁 They’re not random relationship issues, though, they’re issues that are natural and very relatable. Too relatable. Lol.

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      7. Sounds like you’re at an exciting part of your story which is great! It’s good to have relatable characters and issues since it makes the novel more fun to write 🙂
        I am at a slow part of my novel haha but hopefully the speed will pick up and things will get more interesting!

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    1. Nothing like a good inspirational quote right? I also have a quote for my desktop wallpaper. This letter board is neat because you can piece together your own quote (and switch it up once in a while!)

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      1. Oh right I see! My macbook was actually from before then (maybe 2013 or 2014) so that may be why I didn’t encounter the same issue. The only problems that I have with my mac is the battery power (it can last for 3 hours or so before needing to be plugged in), that and some applications aren’t compatible with mac. Otherwise it’s been amazing 🙂

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