May Wrap-Up!


Hello everyone!

WOW is it the end of May already!? Is 2018 almost HALF way done!? What is this craziness!?


May was super fun and super busy and passed by in a flash for me. Looking back, I accomplished quite a lot:

Bullet Read 5 books!

Bullet Finished writing Children of the Sun!

Bullet Started plotting Shapeshifter (my new WIP) using the Snowflake Method!

Bullet Celebrated my 1 year blogiversary and doing my first ever Q&A!

Bullet Took the dive and started wedding planning!

Bullet Made a dress!

I am happy that I actually accomplished all the goals that I had set out to do at the beginning of May (yay!) I even followed my TBR (for once!)


May was an incredible reading month for me because I enjoyed all of the books that I’ve read! I finished a total of 5 books (though I am also 95% through the 6th book, which is about the Snowflake Method.)

I was super excited for Leah on the Offbeat (★★★/5 stars), which is the sequel to Simon Vs The Homosapiens Agenda. It was an adorable and fun read, and though I enjoyed it overall, I wished that I could see the POV of Leah’s love interest more. Check out my review here.

Emergency Contact (★★★★/5 stars) was my mood read for this month. When I came across Marie’s review for this book, I decided that I HAD to read this book right away. Absolutely no regrets, because I loved it and ended up finishing the book in 2 days! Check out my review here.

I am continuing to re-read the Harry Potter series, which is an amazing experience so far:

The Prisoner of Azkaban (★★★/5 stars) sets a darker tone for the series. I loved meeting Sirius Black and we also get a glimpse of Cedric (!!! CEDRIC!!! *fangirlish squeals*) who has a bigger role in book 4. However my only issue with this book is that the pacing is very slow for the most part (and you know me and my love for fast-paced books!)

The Goblet of Fire (★★★★/5 stars) is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE in the series so far. I loved everything about it: the quick pacing, the Triwizard Competition, the Yule Ball, CEDRIC, and the budding chemistry between Ron and Hermione (the cutest couple ever <3) Even though it is a longer book, I got through The Goblet of Fire in a flash!

Read more about my thoughts of Harry Potter here (for book 1) and here (for books 2 to 4). 


The Diary of Anne Frank (★★★★★/5 stars) is one of those books that I can’t believe I haven’t read until now. I loved reading Anne’s story. Through her vivid descriptions, we get to know Anne and the relationships with her family and the van Dan family who went into hiding together. It was easy for me to forget that this is a diary, not a novel, and that the people in the story are not at the mercy of an author who will craft the ending that they deserve. Because of this, the ending was truly unpredictable for me. (Does that even make sense?) 


I love this time of the month when I get to look back and round up the posts that have inspired me:

Zoie @ Whisked Away By Words talks about what makes a good romance in a story!

M. L. Davis @ Uninspired Writers discusses the love/hate relationship that writers have with editing. (Yes I am guilty of this love/hate relationship LOL)

Dominique @ 3C Style shares some nature-inspired looks in her series, When Fashion and Nature Collide.

Beth @ Reading Every Night discusses a topic that all of us readers can relate to – how to manage our growing TBR.

Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books asks a question that might have crossed your mind: Do you have to review books to be a book blogger?

Dani @ Perspective of a Writer talks about something that is essential to our lives as bloggers- commenting and when to comment back.

Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff shares her experience with Hogwarts Mystery! Truth be told, I am on the fence about playing this game – it seems REALLY fun but at the same time, I get the feeling that if I start, I could never stop!

Sim @ Flipping Through The Pages gives us some tips about staying legal, specifically, writing a disclaimer for our blog. This is something that I’ve never thought about (but probably should!)

Haidan @ Haidan Writes shares ideas for self-care – so important especially when we live busy lives!

Lia @ Lost in a Story discusses DNFing – Is there a good time to DNF a book?

Graphics courtesy of Freepik.


How was your May? What were your favourite reads? Do you stick to your TBR or are you a mood reader? (I am a mood reader for the most part – this month is an exception rather than the rule for me!) Have you played Hogwarts Mystery?

Lastly, I’m still open for questions for my Q&A! Let me know if you have any burning questions to ask 🙂


36 responses to “May Wrap-Up!”

  1. Congrats on getting your WIP done and digging into another. Exciting times! I’m still stuck in editing land! I hope to be out by August…

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    1. Thank you JW 🙂 Yes, it is always exciting to finish a draft. Oh editing land is a crazy place. Good luck and happy writing!

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  2. The Diary of Anne Frank will always have a special place in my heart. I around the same age as Anne when I first read it and it was a true eye opener for me!

    The Goblet of Fire is my favourite too!

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    1. That’s great to hear that you enjoyed the Diary of Anne Frank as well. I am much older than Anne now but I definitely still find her to be relatable 🙂
      The Goblet of Fire is great!

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  3. Ahh I’m so glad you had such a productive month, Sophie, that’s amazing! Also very excited to hear about your new WIP, you’re always on fire and so inspired for writing, I admire that so much ❤
    I'm so happy you loved Emergency Contact – I will never stop screaming about that book haha I loved it SO much < 3
    I hope you'll have a wonderful month ❤

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    1. Thank you Marie ❤ I don't always have time to write but I try my best haha.
      I am so glad that I decided to read Emergency Contact. Such a great book!
      Wishing you a wonderful reading and writing month in June 🙂


  4. You had a great May Sophie! 🙂 Congrats again on finishing your WIP, that’s so amazing and I hope your new WIP is going well too. I can’t wait to hear more about your Shapeshifter story.
    Also I’m really glad you enjoyed both Leah on the Offbeat and Emergency Contact, and are continuing to enjoy your Harry Potter re-reads. Do you plan to start book five soon?
    Great post, and I hope you have a brilliant June too. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hello Beth ❤
      I am 1/3 through Order of the Phoenix. Initially I wasn't sure about this book since Harry is very angsty (though he does have a good reason to be), however I am loving it now!
      Thank you- I am outlining each scene of Shapeshifter which is taking some time. I am thinking about doing the Myers Briggs test for each of my characters, since quite a few writers recommend it 🙂 How is editing going for you?
      Wishing you a wonderful June as well!

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      1. Yeah there’s a lot of angst, I remember that much from the fifth book, but I’m sure there’s plenty of positives as well. 🙂
        That’s all right, and ohh that sounds interesting actually. I may have to think about doing that for my characters too. Ehh, it’s slow going but I wrote a little last month so hoping to get more done this month.
        Thanks Sophie. 😀 ❤

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      2. Yes I am enjoying book 5 so far since I feel the plot really gets rolling 🙂
        That’s great that you’re keeping up with the writing. Even a little progress is a good thing because you are moving forward, right? Wishing you a wonderful reading and writing month in June ❤

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      3. Yeah I feel like from the fourth book onwards the plot really starts to get rolling.
        Thanks, and yeah as long as I get a little written each month I’m happy. 😀
        Thanks Sophie. 🙂 <£

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  5. I love that cat gif ahaha! Congrats for finishing your WIP, I’m currently on Goblet of Fire and it’s so much better than PoA!

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    1. Hi Tasya! Thank you 🙂
      Yes I LOVE the Goblet of Fire! It is so much more action-packed and well-paced compared to Prisoner of Azkaban 🙂 Hope that you enjoy the rest of the book!


  6. You did well indeed in May! (Over-achiever one might say)
    May was a good month bookwise, read some very good books by greek authors (two crime fiction, one supernatural terror), a history book and “Keeping you a secret” which were great too.
    I am also a mood reader (a massive mood reader actually) so no plan will work for me.
    I know this question sounds silly but what are your favourite desserts?

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    1. Haha thank you Michael!
      That’s great to hear that you enjoyed the books that you’ve read this month. I should look into Keeping You A Secret one of these days!
      Personally I think being a mood reader is a good thing. No sense forcing ourselves to read a book if we don’t feel like it right? 🙂
      And that is a good question! I’ll have to think about my favourite desserts and I’ll post the answers soon 🙂


  7. PaperbackCassie Avatar

    I hope June is as great as May was for you! Congrats on finishing your WIP. I’m playing Hogwarts Mystery, it’s fun to get to be at Hogwarts, but of course it’s never what you expect it to be.

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    1. Thank you!
      That’s cool that you are playing Hogwarts Mystery. I might get into that one of these days 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful June as well!

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  8. Congratulations on all your achievements in the past month! And thank you for the ping 🙂 Have you posted a picture of the dress you made yet? If not, I (and probably plenty of others) would love to see it!

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    1. Thank you Haidan! Haha yes I took a few photos of the dress that I made. Maybe I will post it in the upcoming few weeks 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful June!

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  9. Oh yay for your anniversary! I was so out of it this week, I totally missed that post 😀 I am sure there are many more anniversaries to come (or at least I hope you intend to stick around longer haha).
    I am ADDICTED to Hogwarts Mystery. I keep opening the app even when I know I should do other stuff. Now if only the energy thing wasn’t such an issue. I hate to wait until it refills.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kat! No worries. I love blogging so I definitely plan to stick around 🙂
      Haha yes I know that feeling of checking my phone for a specific reason and then getting side railed. That’s great to hear that you are enjoying Hogwarts Mystery, though I am a bit hesitant to start that game since I KNOW I will be addicted haha.
      Wishing you a wonderful June 🙂

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      1. It’s definitely time consuming, so beware of that before starting Hogwarts Mystery but if you are patient and don’t mind the constant lack of energy, it can be really fun.
        Wonderful June to you as well, Sophie!

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      2. Hmm good to know. In that case I should probably stay away from Hogwarts Mystery! I will just have to hear about it from you and the other bloggers and live vicariously through you guys haha 🙂

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      3. We will gladly tell you all about it haha

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  10. I’m so glad to hear that May was a good month for you! You accomplished so much – congrats on finishing your WIP and starting a new one! That’s so exciting 🙂 Thank you for sharing my post! ❤

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    1. Hello Michelle! Thank you ❤ I probably won't have time to play Hogwarts Mystery but it was fun to kind of experience that by reading your post haha. Wishing you a wonderful June!

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  11. Happy blogiversary and congrats on your upcoming wedding. I really want to read Emergency Contact. I hear so many good things. Hope you have a wonderful June!

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    1. Thank you Alicia! I really loved Emergency Contact. It is one of my favourite books this year. Hope that you will give this book a chance! Wishing you a wonderful June as well!

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  12. What was, “Made a dress”? Your wedding dress or sewing in general? I try to stick to my TBR but if none is available, then I end up reading something else. I’m reading Goblet of Fire as part of my workout. I finished the chapter where Harry’s name was spit out.

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    1. And you know he gonna be like, whaaaaat?

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    2. Hi Stefanie!
      Haha it is just a simple dress. I have a few pictures so I might make a post about it in the next few weeks 🙂 It is my dream to make my own wedding dress, but of course that it much more complicated!
      That’s awesome that you are reading Goblet of Fire! It seems like you are at an exciting part of the book. It was after that point in the book when I really got into the story! Do you listen to the audiobook during workouts or read the physical book?


  13. Hi Sophie!

    It’s amazing how much you’ve managed to write amidst going on a big move across Canada and book blogging! I think you’ve mentioned putting Children of the Sun on Wattpad? If you do, please announce it because I would love to read your WIP 😊

    Thank you for featuring my post on book romances! Oh, by the way, I know you’re not a WP advice blogger, but you mentioned that if you put a link to another blogger’s post, that blogger will get a notification? I noticed that you put a direct link to a post of mine, but I never got a notification for it. Is there a setting where I can turn this option on? If not, I’ll just go do more research (because I’m kind of stuck right now 😅)

    Anyways, I hope you have a great month of June! I’m looking forward to all your future posts!

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    1. Thank you Zoie ❤
      Yes I am planning to post my new WIP on Wattpad (it is called Shapeshifter). I will save Children of the Sun for later since that one will still need some edits! I will definitely give you guys a heads up 🙂
      Hmm, in terms of getting a pingback when your post is linked, check the "Settings" tab on your WP. Make sure that "allow notifications" is checked (this should be near the top of the page.) Hope this helps 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful June as well 🙂


  14. Great post! I am usually a mood reader too. Congrats on your one year blogging! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sissi 🙂

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