My UN-Haul!

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Hello everyone!

What, you ask, is an unhaul!?

Well, it is the opposite of a haul. Instead of buying more books, we get rid of some of the books that we already have.


Sounds terrifying!? I KNOW.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you may know that I’ve been talking about doing an unhaul for a while. This past weekend, I decided to roll up my sleeves, puff up my chest, and get down to business. And you know what!?

It was so, SO hard. There were no books that I actively disliked, though there were books that I felt meh about, or even books that I liked that I probably will never read again. Those were the hardest to let go!

However, I did it, and I am so glad that I did 🙂 Here are the books that I am cleaning out of my kitchen cupboard!*

*Which is where my books are located. I know, I’m special 😉


Although I enjoyed these two Nicholas Sparks novels, I really can’t imagine that I will read these again.


I loved the movie for The Silver Linings Play Book (I am a JLaw fan at heart!) however I didn’t enjoy the book as much. When God Was a Rabbit was a book that I read a while ago which I remember nothing about (not a single thing!)


Wicked is another book that I can’t imagine reading again. I bought The Black Swan from the thrift store by mistake, so… back it goes :’)


I picked up The Lives of John Lennon from the lobby in my old apartment building (where people often leave their unwanted things). Yes, I am shameless LOL :’) Although I admire John Lennon’s music, I don’t think I will be reading about his life anytime soon.

The Ash Garden was a gift from a secret admirer back in high school (yes I had this book for a long time!) When I tried to read this book however, I was bored to pieces. I realized that I was hanging onto the idea of… being secretly admired*, rather than the book itself.

* Hey, a secret admirer who is aware of my love for books is hard to come by!

** I did eventually find out the identity of my secret admirer, however, it didn’t work out between us :’) Bygones.

These are my pharmacy-related references and textbooks that I had since I was in school. I remember painstakingly committing each page to memory! I am giving two of these to a coworker (who is studying for her pharmacy exam) and the remaining two to the charity store (because they are hopelessly out of date.)

And that’s it!

I realized a few things as I was cleaning out my bookshelf:

A) I didn’t get rid of as many books as I expected.

B) Which is because I haven’t read most of the books that I own. And of the books that I haven’t read, I am mostly still interested in reading them.

C) Despite this, I keep on buying new books or borrowing books from the library!

D) Isn’t it much better to just read the books that I already have!?


Anyway, here is what my teeny kitchen-cupboard-bookshelf looks like now! I counted ~40 books remaining, which is 80% of my original collection. Quite effective, I’d say 🙂


It is refreshing to see more white space. I am also happy to see that my shelf is no longer cluttered by books that I felt unimpressed by. Instead it is filled with books that I am excited to read or re-read 🙂

Also, I thought that this would be the perfect time to organize my bookshelf, then I had a slight crisis about HOW to organize my bookshelf:

Should I organize by title or author, which makes it easier to find a certain book? But isn’t it more visually appealing to organize by colour? But if I organize by colour, I will be breaking up series. And what if a book spine is more than one colour!?

In the end I organized my books by genre (which is none of the above, LOL.)


Tell me about a time when you had to unhaul your books! Which books were the hardest to let go of? Do you have many unread books on your bookshelf? How do you organize your bookshelf?

45 Replies to “My UN-Haul!”

  1. I have a stack of books I need to unhaul. They’re books I didn’t enjoy so in theory it should be easy to get rid of them, but it just isn’t! I keep flip flopping between keeping them and getting rid of them. Maybe one day soon I’ll get rid of them.
    Also, storing books in the kitchen cabinet is a genius idea! It’s a shelf and the doors will keep the books from getting too dusty. Such a smart idea!

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    1. Hello Cassie!
      Getting rid of books is easier said than done, right? I found that it was satisfying to get rid of the books that I didn’t care for anymore. Hope that you will have a good experience with your unhaul if you choose to do this 🙂
      Thank you! ❤

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  2. Oh that’s a lovely post, Sophie, and congratulations on un-haulin some of your books! As I’m getting more and more books, I can see myself having to do an un-haul sometime soon, but I have to admit that I am reaaaaally dreading that moment, haha, I’m so scared to part with my books, even the ones I didn’t enjoy that much?? I don’t know, every book still holds a memory to me, so that will be hard, but someday I will do it haha 🙂 Strangely, though, I don’t have any unread books on my shelves… well, right now, I have… two unread books, I think? I never buy new books unless I read everything, so at least everything I have is read, haha 🙂
    Lovely post!! x

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    1. Hi Marie ❤
      Wow that's pretty awesome that your bookshelf consists mostly of books that you've already read! It sounds like a great habit to get into – reading all your books before buying new ones. I want to make that my goal 🙂 (right after Obsidio is released… hahahaha 🙂 )
      That is great that you can see yourself doing a unhaul, even if it will be hard. The plus side is that we can make room for more books that we will love, right? 🙂
      Thank you Marie ❤

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      1. OBSIDIO. I can’t wait, I am scared but I can’t wait ahah 🙂 x
        Agree, at least we can make new place for new books, so that’s GREAT 🙂
        You’re welcome! ❤ ❤

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  3. You are doing great with your unhaul. I am having a hard time giving books away, even the ones I really didn’t like. It’s a problem of mine hahaha I did, however, enjoy the Silver Linings Playbook better as a movie as well. But I have the movie tie-in .. can’t imagine myself parting with it xD

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    1. Thank you Kat! Yes it is hard to part with books. Nothing wrong with hanging onto them as long as you have the space, right? 🙂
      Yes I found the Silver Linings Playbook movie was a bit more relatable for me. There was more focus on football in the book which I cared less for XD

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  4. Every so often you really need an unhaul. 🙂 My last one was just after Christmas and oh my god I think I ended up getting rid of more books that I actually kept. I really wished I’d taken photos or something because the before and after pictures would have looked so different.
    I think your unhaul was definitely effective, and it’s always nice to see some space on our bookshelves isn’t it? I actually have room now on some of my bookcases (room that is slowly shrinking as I buy even more books) and before I was actually completely out of space! 😀
    We’re always going to buy more books, I think as long as we unhaul every so often to create more space again we’ll be all right! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes it is a good idea to do a unhaul once away! Wow I didn’t realize that you got rid of that many books! Good job 🙂
      Yes it is nice to see some space on our bookshelves. This means that there is more room for books right? 🙂

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  5. I love shelves organised by colour. I mean, i love looking at them. I think it would stress me out having my own books like that though. It would mean separating books from some series 😀

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    1. Yes same here! I love all the bookstagram photos where book spines are organized by colour. However I tried sorting my books that way but it was hard for me to separate the series and books by the same author haha :’)

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  6. That took a lot of courage! I am so proud of you (although I am not sure I will follow your example). I haven’t actually unhauled any books for the last couple decades (OK I didn’t have to move either). When it is absolutely necessary to free space we usually get some books into “long storage” in boxes in the basement. So it’s way easier knowing that they will be within reach. But we usually store books that were mediocre.

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  7. Whenever I see someone doing an unhaul, I’m immediately inspired to do one as well! I think it’s so refreshing to get rid of books that don’t interest you anymore or that you read and didn’t like because you can look at your bookshelf and only see books that you really love/are excited about! 🙂

    And I always switch up my book organisation every other month because I get bored of it so quickly XD right now they’re colour-coordinated but I’m getting quite annoyed with it since I can’t find my books haha so I think I’ll go back to genre/read vs unread!


    1. Hello Jackie!
      Yes that is what I love about this unhaul. It feels great to not be bogged down by the books that I don’t care about anymore 🙂
      And that’s awesome that you switch up how your books are organized 🙂 I’ve always wanted a colour-coordinated shelf but I can see how it is hard to find what you are looking for!

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    1. Yes haha 🙂 I thought I would gotten rid of more books too. However I discovered some books that was always on my TBR that I had forgotten about :’) Thank you Dani!


  8. Ahhhh good job Sophie! I’ll be honest, the idea of unhauling a bookshelf is quite frightening. I still have a few unread books on my shelf though, so I guess I’ll have to get to those soon. Organizing by genre is a smart way to sort books! Mine are totally random. Maybe I should be organizing it a tad better, haha.

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    1. Hello Kat! Yes I was feeling daunted about unhauling my bookshelf for a long time. The hardest part was to get started, I think 🙂
      I’d say, organize your bookshelf as you see fit! As long as you can find your books, which is the most important part, right?

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  9. I did an unhaul recently as well and I’ve still got more stuff to go. For me, it wasn’t hard to let go of anything. It’s probably because most of those books I read when I was a teenager and my reading tastes have changed a lot since then. It’s great when you get rid of stuff and you have all that free space!

    Right now I mostly organize my books by hardcovers and paperbacks basically. The nicer looking hardcovers go together. Pretty simplistic right? Haha

    Hope you are well!

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    1. Hello! Great to hear from you, fellow pharmacist 😀
      It seems like you’ve had a good experience with your unhaul, which is great! It makes sense to organize by hard cover and paperback, maybe it would be more visually appealing as well since the paperbacks tend to be bigger! However I have too much of a collage of different type of books. I think I will have part of a series in paperback and the other part in hardcover haha :’)
      Thank you! Hope you are well too 🙂


  10. Sophie — I love the idea of doing an unhaul! I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to donate the books that I own and have read but didn’t love. I just have such an urge to keep every book that I buy to one day fill up an entire room with books. It’s not ideal and giving to them to someone else sounds so much better in reality.

    I have my books organized subject matter right now! It helps me see what kinds of books I have a lot of, and which other types of books I could start reading.

    love this post + hope you’re having a great afternoon


  11. Yes a book unhaul! It does feel amazing to only have the books you love on your shelf, doesn’t it? I hope you can now fill your bookshelf with even more wonderful books that make you happy just by looking at them 😋 I love unhauls because you never know who else will find these books and fall in love with them — and it sounds like you already know that your coworker will find your pharmacy books useful, which is the best feeling ever 😊

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  12. My sister and I share a TBR bookshelf and occassionally we’ll go through it together and get rid of books. BUT we don’t always agree, so then a book I want to keep goes into my bedroom on a different T R shelf. LOL it does feel good to get organized though!

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    1. Hi Deborah 🙂 That’s great that you share a TBR shelf with your sister! Me and my mom are similar, except we share clothes instead of books. I am not always successful in donating my clothes because sometimes they end up back in my mom’s closet, lol 🙂

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  13. Okay, so that Timon and Pumbaa gif is PERFECT. I understand the need to get rid of books (sadly) because I currently live overseas and moving abroad with a lot of heavy books can get EXPENSIVE. But it looks like you were able to get through the experience without any problems, so yay! And now that means, NEW BOOKS. It’s a vicious cycle, haha. Thanks for a wonderful post 🙂 I enjoyed reading it.

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    1. Yes! I get you with the moving books business. I had to get rid of quite a few books prior to my move and even so it was expensive to ship a box of books across the country! (And I can imagine it is even more expensive overseas!) Haha yes, freeing up room on the shelf means an excuse to get new books 🙂 Thank you Kat!

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