DIY Corner: Thank You Cards


Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! There was a BLIZZARD here in Ontario. We were literally knee-deep in snow!

One of my goals this year is to post more about non-bookish topics. In addition to reading and writing, I also love doing arts and crafts. Today I want to share with you a collection of Thank You cards that I’ve drawn.

(To provide some context: These cards are for my coworkers, since I am leaving my workplace as I move across the country to Vancouver.)

(Although I drew these cards, the ideas and designs are from Pinterest, so I can’t take credit for these designs.)

Psssst…. did you see a greyhound card among these!? That one actually is my design :’)

Since we are on the topic of Thank You’s, here are some things that I am thankful for:

Tea & a comfortable couch. A roof above my head. Canada. Friends. Pole. Books & the blogging community. My coworkers (hence the cards). Carl (my fiance), not to be confused with Charles (my dog), although I am blessed to have both. Mom, dad & my family in China. 🙂

(I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but it is never a bad time to be thankful, is it?)



Do you like DIY? What are you thankful for? Let me know which is your favourite card design!

40 Replies to “DIY Corner: Thank You Cards”

  1. Oh my gosh, all these cards are SO BEAUTIFUL. I love them all. ❤ Best of luck with moving to Vancouver!! Living costs are sooo expensive there, from what I've heard ahah. But it's such a lovely place! (And there's not as much snow as there is in Ontario, yikes. It's TOO COLD ugh.) Great post! 😀

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  2. Great cards! You are so good at it! I loved the cherry blossom ones!
    And you are right, it’s never a bad time to be thankful! While not overly happy with my life right now, I am thankful because ot could be a lot worse.

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  3. Your cards are GORGEOUS, I love these designs so, so much! I love how you wrote thank you so much in cursive letters in the first photograph especially, I’d love to master this ahah 🙂
    Also, I don’t know when you will be moving exactly, but best of luck for it all ❤

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    1. Thank you Marie! ❤ That card is one of my favourites as well 🙂
      I moved out of my apartment and back home yesterday, then on Tuesday I am flying to the other side of the country. It’s been crazy but everything is going according to plan 🙂

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  4. I’m hearing about storms all over the continent, and it makes me glad that I live in California… 65 degrees and people start complaining about how cold it is 😆 Anyways, your cards look gorgeous and your calligraphy looks amazing! I mentioned this in your black and white Christmas cards photo post, but I think it’s so wonderful to make DIY cards for people. One of my goals this year (which has been going pretty well 😋) is to make cards for all of my friends’ and family’s birthdays, and also to just give them cards randomly throughout the year. People always look so happy when they receive handmade cards 😊 I love seeing this creative, artsy side of you, Sophie! I can’t wait for the other artsy posts you have planned for the year! 😄🎨

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    1. Hi Zoie! Thank you for your sweet post ❤
      California is one of my favourite places to visit! The weather is so nice there! How I wish I were there now haha :’)
      That’s wonderful that you want to make cards as well! Personally I loved making these cards, because art always has a therapeutic effect on me haha 🙂 hope that you will enjoy it as well! Looking forward to seeing pictures 🙂

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  5. This is a great post Sophie, and oh my god your cards are gorgeous as well! 😀 I especially love the greyhound one (because of my own greyhound, Tommy). I didn’t see it at first but when you mentioned it below the photos I had to scroll up and find it. 🙂
    All of these cards are amazing, and again great post! 😀 ❤

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  6. I love all of them. I’m someone who’s all about notes and cards too. They express so much and it shows that both the gifter and the receiver are both well loved. I’m sure your co-workers will carry your love with them as you move across the country!

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    1. Thank you Jazz! I wish I could take credit for those gorgeous watercolour flowers, however, they are actually free vector graphics from (feel free to check out this site because they have lots of other free graphics 🙂 )

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  7. Wow, your cards are so lovely. Truly beautiful. I also like the creativity in your greyhound’s design. Well done. You were living so close from me up until recently. Hope you like it in Vancouver. Nice reading you Sophie.

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      1. I’m from Montreal, Quebec. Love Vancouver. It is beautiful indeed and the weather is so lovely. I envy you, especially right now. It’s April but still it feels like winter here. Need to see some signs of Spring!

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      2. That’s cool that you are from Montreal! I’ve visited a while back and it seems like such a cultured city 🙂 Yes I love that Vancouver is so temperate (although it rains a lot!) We had plenty of cherry blossoms these past few weeks, which were very lovely.

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