WIPpet Wednesday: Photograph


After a brief post-Camp Nano slump, I am finding new inspiration to write. The words are coming, slowly but surely. This time the focus is on quality over quantity. I have to remind myself that a few good words worth keeping is better than a thousand words that will need to be trashed.

In today’s snippet, Matt reflects about the day that he spent with Olivia. She was painting Felker’s Falls, her first real outdoor painting, when he snapped a picture of her.

But he wanted her to see that picture and see how wonderful she is. Of course he doesn’t say stuff like that, it’s too cheesy, and the thought of it gives him goosebumps. That’s why he takes photos.

This is a snippet from my contemporary novel titled Together We Will Live Forever (tentative.) Olivia is a neuroscience grad student and an aspiring artist. Matt works at the art gallery and lives with his daughter, Zelda.

WIPpet Wednesdays is a blog hop where writers can share a snippet from their WIP (Work in Progress). The only stipulation is that the excerpt is somehow related to the date. Today’s WIPpet Math: Today is August 9th (8/9). There are 198 characters (98 for the date, reversed, and 1 for the difference between.) As you can see, part of the fun is figuring out the math and making it sound intelligent 🙂

Be sure to check out some of the other lovely WIPpet snippets here. Thank you Emily Wrayburn for hosting.

How is your project going? Are you a fast writer or do you believe in the slow and steady approach?

10 responses to “WIPpet Wednesday: Photograph”

  1. Great WIPpet! And, to answer your question, my writing comes in spurts. My words apparently need to brew (or simmer, pick your means) for a while before they spill onto the page. Right now, they’re simmering, but my goal is to squeeze out a thousand or so this week on the new manuscript to make some kind of tangible progress.

    Hard as heck some weeks, isn’t it?

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    1. I find that it’s almost the opposite for me! If I think about a scene for too long, I can’t get into the mood when I actually have time to write it out, it doesn’t turn out the same way on the page (compared to in my mind), and it just isn’t as fun… does that even make sense? I find that my writing flows best when I have some freedom to improvise, and as a result, a lot of my scenes take a completely different turn than intended (which definitely gets me into trouble sometimes!)

      And yes! Some weeks are harder than others!


  2. That’s a lot of emotions packed into such a tiny snippet. I love how he’s feeling like it’s easier to show her than to tell her what’s on his mind.

    My writing tends to go in fits and starts, and eventually it ends up flowing after I have about 2/3 done on a project. But don’t ask about my current one, LOL. You’ll get all my Very Dark Thoughts about murdering it in its sleep.

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    1. Yes! That’s exactly how Matt feels. He is not much of a talker – he prefers to express himself through action.

      I feel similarly about writing! I tend to write the last portion of the novel (probably the last 1/3 like you mentioned) very quickly, since that’s when things get exciting. I also speed through the beginning as well (because it is a Shiny New Novel 🙂 ) although 99.999% of that is rewritten during editing…

      Haha… seems like your current novel is a tough one! I won’t ask 😉

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      1. Yes, Shiny New definitely gets some good flow, LOL. And I agree about it getting rewritten. My characters usually change the direction of the story and make it so the beginning doesn’t quite fit anymore.

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      2. Definitely. Characters have a mind of their own! Although sometimes they take me somewhere completely different, I find that that is the fun part about writing 🙂

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  3. Yay for the words coming again! It took me a while to realise the benefits of prioritising quality over quantity, but it is pretty much exclusively how I work now.

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    1. Yes, life feels amazing when the words flow. I still have to remind myself to focus on quality. Part of me is still in that Camp Nano mindset! I do find that it is much more satisfying to have written some good quality words that are worth keeping.


  4. Great snippet! My progress seems to come and go in spurts – and it’s usually linked to the time of the month/phase of the moon/mercury retrograde/whatever.

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    1. Haha! Mercury retrograde! I love that 🙂
      I feel exactly the same way. Sometimes I have spurts of inspiration and writing energy and sometimes it takes ages to write a sucky sentence. It’s a mystery!

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