Let’s Chat! eBooks vs. Actual Books


Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

(I don’t think “Happy Tuesday” is a thing, but hey, it should be one! Because, let’s face it, Tuesday is not our favourite day of the week, but it deserves some love too, right? I am all for the underdog.)

Fellow book-lovers and book-bloggers, I have a confession to make. I will hide behind my couch as I write this, in case there are any tomatoes, beverages, or books hurled at me (scratch that, because I know you guys would never, EVER hurl books, which are prized possessions.) I say this with the intention to come clean about something that I’ve been a bit embarrassed about…

I haven’t read an Actual Book (the Print edition) in 6 months.

Yes, 6 entire months!


I used to love reading Actual Books. I loved holding a physical copy of a book in my hands, I loved the weight of the book on my lap, I loved that fresh smell of paper and ink, I loved cracking open the spine of a new book (maybe some of you hate cracking the spine! Sorry if I made you wince there!) I also loved to browse through a bookstore and see all the new books that recently came out, and to look at the Bestsellers and the Editor’s Picks.

But since I’ve gotten my hands on a Kindle, I’ve stepped over to the dark side. Here are some of the reasons why:

I love how convenient and portable eBooks are. If I am leaving for a trip, say, tomorrow, I don’t have to decide which books to pack and they don’t have to occupy room in my luggage! In fact, I can bring all my books in one go, and it will not add to the weight of the luggage at all!

There is a HUGE selection of eBooks online. There’s never the disappointment of wanting to find a book in a bookstore, only to realize that it’s not there, or driving across town to the bookstore that does have actually have the book.

It is super quick to buy an eBook online, AND we can read it right away. Which means if we make an impulse decision to read something this very moment, we can literally read it right away! (Of course, that can lead to overspending, but let’s save that discussion for another day… or never…) As much as I love going to bookstores, buying eBooks online saves a lot of time. On the usual weekday, I am stretched out super thin between work, dance classes, blogging, and working on my novel. Which means every minute is precious! Skipping a trip to the bookstore might mean having an extra few hours to actually read! If you are anything like me, then maybe you love eBooks too! (Or not! Let me know!)

And… let’s admit that eBooks are cheaper. Although I am a working professional, I still have an inkling of that starved student/intern mindset.


However! That all being said! Recently, I’ve been reading lots of posts by all you other lovely book bloggers out there, and I am IN LOVE with the photos of the books you’ve read, or your TBR shelves. That’s one thing that I miss about Actual Books! You don’t get that beautiful full-colour cover with eBooks, and that means bookstagramming is out of the picture (literally)! And part of me wants to own a physical bookshelf with all the books that I’ve read and want to read!

What do you guys prefer, eBooks or the Print edition? Does anyone swear by eBooks as much as I do? Any Audiobook fans out there? (One day that will become its own post, I promise!) 

A part of me wants to go back to buying Actual Books, so I can take pretty photos of them and have an Actual Bookshelf… Should I?

(Image courtesy of Google images and Giphy.com)

40 responses to “Let’s Chat! eBooks vs. Actual Books”

  1. I have used both ebooks and actual books, but I prefer actual books, pretty much because there’s nothing like feeling the pages between your fingers, smelling that new book smell, and feeling the weight of the book. And yes, I also would crack the spine of the book (more like a habit). I stopped using ebooks because I don’t want to use too many tech devices and apps

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    1. Yes! That’s what I hear from other people who like reading actual books as well. I know what you mean about technology. Sometimes it feels good to unplug!

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      1. Yes, sometimes you have to unplug from using all of that technology every now and then.

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      2. I definitely agree!

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  2. A much as I love the feel of a physical book and the look of them on my shelves (and seeing my own work in print, for that matter) I’m an ebook person for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m low visions these days and it’s super easy to magnify an ebook page–ever tried to hold a magnifier over a print page for any length of time? It stinks! Yes, there are large print books, but they’re often condensed and the selection, again, stinks. 2) print books are difficult for people with hand issues, tremors, grip issues etc to hold – me again. I can set my ereader in my lap and swipe to turn the page. Easy peasy, thank you.

    So, for me, my Kindle, a Christmas present last year, is one of the best gifts I have received in a very long time. I’m back to reading every day and loving it!

    The lower cost doesn’t hurt my feelings either–I have more books and, as a writer, I receive just as much if not more royalty off ebook copies as I do off print copies.

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    1. I’m glad that you are an ebook lover as well! I also like the ability to choose font size as well, and I can see how it can be helpful if it is difficult for you to read smaller font. My vision is all right but I feel overwhelmed when I am confronted by a huge book with small font size, so I love that these books can be converted to a larger font size. I can see how an ebook is easier on grip as well. My hands are well, but even for me, it can be tiring to hold a book (especially a hard cover one!) for a long period of time.

      My fiancé was the one to give me a kindle a few years back. It is also one of my favourite and most-used gift of all time 🙂

      That is good to hear that writers receive equal or more royalty from ebooks! I haven’t even thought of that!

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      1. If the contract’s decent the royalty percentages between the ebook and print book will be similar, but I’ve seen some that weren’t.

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      2. I see, thanks good to know! I can imagine that it costs more money for the company to print books than to publish the ebook version, so it makes sense that the royalty for the print would be less..


  3. I prefer actual books for all the telltale reasons (and it’s pretty hard to press flowers between the pages of an e-reader) but the convenience and the cost tempting. Love this post!!

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    1. I miss pressing flowers between books haha 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

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      1. Of course! Really enjoyed this post 🙂

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      2. Thank you! I’m glad!

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  4. I love having actual books to read, but as you said, they’re more expensive than eBooks. Yet I haven’t bought any of those either, haha! I’ve always stuck to physical books, buying them secondhand or flying to Bookdepository whenever I had a wishlist drop alert-mail in my mailbox.
    Since I started my blog, though, I’ve been buying more and more new books. My TBR-shelf is out of control, really.

    Still! I’ve bought a kindle two weeks ago – oh the horror, I went over to the dark side as well, haha – mainly because I was getting some eARC’s and reading on my phone.. Well.. That simply sucked big time. So now I’m switching between actual books and my Kindle all the time. And it’s come in handy quite a lot, especially at night when my boyfriend needs to sleep [He has to get up at 4 am every other week.] and gets annoyed by my little lamp. So, Kindle-time!

    Safe to say I enjoy both ways of reading, but I wouldn’t give up my bookcases for all the money in the world. Every time we have people coming over they are astonished and admire my books and that’s a great feeling, haha.

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    1. It must be awesome to have a bookshelf of all your books! Definitely would be a great conversation starter 🙂 that’s one of the reasons why I might want to go back to buying books in print.

      I just checked out Bookdepository which I’m surprised that I didn’t know until now! Seems like they have a great selection and it’s amazing that they have free delivery worldwide! Thanks for mentioning that and I might give it a try!

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      1. Yes, it is! One of the disadvantages, though, is that people get the tendency of borrowing your books, haha. Recently borrowed one to my mother-in-law that I haven’t even read myself yet and got it back with the spine broken all the way. Which hurt a little, but oh well.

        Yes, it’s a very good site to buy books! And if you add books to your wishlist, you get an email when the price drops so that makes it even more interesting!

        [And if you don’t mind secondhand books, you should check out awesomebooks.com as well!]

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      2. Wow thanks for the suggestion! I love used stuff in general so I will definitely check awesomebooks out!!

        Yeah I can see how it can be frustrating to get a book back in less than good condition! People probably won’t ask to borrow an ebook (I’m not even sure if that’s possible haha)

        Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  5. Hee hee! This sounds like a discussion post I hosted at one point. 😜 However, I lean to the side of physical books. Despite moving 6 times in 3 years I can’t help but hoard books, and there really is something to be said about the experience of holding the book in one’s hand whilst reading.

    Actually! I have seen quite a few ebooks than are more expensive than the physical. Why this exists, no one can tell me. However, even the cheap ones are not enough to make me buy ebooks. I’ll go used physical before ebooks. FOR TANGIBLE!!! 🗡 (closest I could get to a sword emoji)

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    1. Oh! I didn’t realize you had posted about this before! Hope it is okay that I wrote this one!

      That is a lot of moving! I am also going to move across the country in half a year, which is also why I am hesitant about buying a lot of physical books. Though maybe I can ship them over in a box 🙂

      I forgot the option of buying used books! Seems like that would be an awesome way to save money 🙂 do you have a preference for paperback or hardcover? Hardcover books look nicer but they are also more expensive!

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      1. Bahahaha! Find one book blogger who hosts discussions who has NOT done this topic. 😜 Repeats are inevitable.

        Oooo. No! Shipping is sooo expensive! And I do NOT trust the US post… ever!!! 😡

        I used to abhor used boks, but I find a couple places to buy good quality used books and I prefer hardcover. (You can’t break the spine or really damage the cover, dust jacket not included.) But I care more about a matching series. So paperback may be picked up if required or if it’s the only thing available/is substantially cheaper. (Also hosted a discussion on this one. Hahaha! 😂 I’ve hosted a lot of discussions apparently.)

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      2. Haha I can see why this is a popular topic to talk about! I am interested in the discussion of paperback vs hardcover so I will check yours out!

        Darn! I guess I’ll have to rethink shipping if I’m going to be buying paper books…

        I don’t mind used books as long as there are no pages missing! But I have to admit that they’ll look nicer in pictures if they are in good condition

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      3. Yeah… Moving ain’t cheap or easy. Reasons why people don’t like to do it (but it’s great for not being a hoarder. Bahahahaha!)

        Oh! I feel you! I don’t take pics, but I’m all about the appearance of my books. Damaged, yucky used books are an absolute no-no! I could rant about this! (OH wait! I did, on my discussion post. 😉 )

        Sorry! I’ve been hosting discussions once a week for almost a year now. I’ve burned through quite a variety of topics at this point. :p Especially the common booknerd topics. Hee hee!

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      4. It seems like you’ve done a lot of discussion posts! I can see why now because it is very fun haha 🙂 I look forward to doing more of these in the future

        Thanks for dropping by and it is fun to chat with you as usual 🙂

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      5. Hee hee! They are, especially when you’re argumentative. 😜 Oops. I look forward to more of your discussions!

        Fun chatting with you, as well! 😄

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      6. Haha I love hearing about different opinions! It would be boring if everyone thought the same way! Have a good day!

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  6. Lovely discussion! I used to think I wouldn’t enjoy ebooks too much, but then I got an ereader and I have to admit it is just SO PRACTICAL, I love it so much, even if I stil prefer actual, physical books to read 🙂

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    1. Yes!! Ebooks are so practical and that’s what I love about them! I also remember feeling that I wouldn’t like ebooks before getting my kindle. Then it became a slippery slope 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  7. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. I’m in the same boat as you – I bought my first Kindle a couple months back and it’s been so hard to dedicate myself to print books now. It’s convenient for Netgalley books, ebooks are cheaper, I can check out ebooks without leaving my bed, and you can take it everywhere. Like I had a class get out early today and I had to wait around for a meeting and I hadn’t brought my book or Kindle, but my phone has the Kindle app, so I could read my book from my phone without having to worry about having brought it along with me. So convenient! Thanks for a lovely post that’s so honest!

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    1. I’m glad to discover another kindle lover!! It is definitely more convenient and I also love that it syncs to my phone.
      Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad that you enjoyed this post 🙂


  8. Haha! Funny how you built it up 😛

    Well, I totally understand what you mean. And yes, E-books definitely are a better option in many many ways. However, I’m just too in love with the physical books! And I love collecting them. I love seeing a stack of books that i’ve recently or previously bought. And honestly, I really need that book sniff 😐 (sounds weird, right?)

    And I love travelling with physical books. Even when I have the option, I always always carry a physical book!

    Having said that, I do have a couple e-books too. I usually get e-books for paperbacks that aren’t available around or say they need to be imported or something ; or if I’m too broke to afford a physical one.

    I don’t own a kindle, so I read either on my phone or iPad. And I have a collection of thrillers and memoirs as e-books. Maybe one or two YA 🙂

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    1. I can see why you enjoy reading physical books! There really is something about having a book shelf and I miss the smell of books! There are definitely pros and cons of each 🙂

      I recently ordered some physical books online (since I’ve been thinking of getting back to them!) I am really excited but they are taking a while to arrive haha 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!


  9. I know every advantage of ebook, but I just love reading actual books.

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    1. This seems like something where each person has their own preference! Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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  12. I def always prefer a physical copy of a book. However, like you, I have recently been buying and reading more e-books. They are so cheap and convienant. I think from now on I’m not going to be so quick to write e-books off, reading is reading no matter what format we chose to do it in.

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    1. Yes! Ebooks are definitely more convenient and cheaper! And reading is reading no matter how you do it 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  13. E-books sure have a lot of advantages but nothing beats the feeling of a physical book in your hands, at least for me…

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    1. Absolutely 🙂 Right now I do a bit of both eBooks and physical books (depending on which version I can get my hand on!) It feels great to flip through the physical version 🙂

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