The Get to Know Me Tag!


Hello everyone!

I was tagged by Vrinda over at A Bookish Human. In real life, I am a quiet person and not good at talking about myself, so let’s see how this goes! I am excited but at the same time nervous (runs off and hides in a corner.)

Vital Stats

Name: Sophia

Nickname: Lots! Most common: Sophie. Most creative: Soapy. (Yup, Soapy.) Others: Sophs, Soso, Sopho.

Birthday: January 7th

Star Sign: Capricorn

Occupation: I am a pharmacist (although sometimes I introduce myself as a “drug dealer” for fun and people take me seriously).



Hair Colour: Black

Hair Length: Varies. Now it is shoulder-length

Eye Colour: Brown

Best Feature: My smile, if that is a “feature”

Braces: No, my teeth are mostly in line, except four of my teeth jut out slightly like fangs! (I’m not a vampire! I swear!)


Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: At one point I was thiiiiiis close to getting a tattoo but chickened out at last minute! If I were to get a tattoo, I would go for a small and simple one (like a tiny heart on my back). One day, one day 🙂

Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed


Real Holiday: What makes a holiday “real”? Back when I was 3 or 4 or 5 in China, I went to a beach with my mom. It was called “Bei Dai He”. Although I don’t remember much about it, I’d like to think it was an amazing vacation and that I was being a real darling 🙂

Best Friend: That would be Rebecca and Vera, who I met after I came to Canada. Rebecca and I went on to go to the same junior high and the same university program, and we still keep in touch today :’)

Award: Student of the Month back in grade 4. I was super proud of it!

Sport: Triple long jump. (I am terrible at team sports, but I loved track and field.)

Concert: Do junior high band concerts count?


TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, House MD, Lost

Colour: Red

Songs: I love songs by Hedley, Sia, and Chopin. My current ear worm is Despacito by Justin Bieber. Did I mention that I met Justin Bieber before he got famous? My high school class went to see a play at Stratford (Bieb’s home town) and we saw a kid playing guitar and singing in front of the theatre, surrounded by a small group of people. He was pretty good. My friend took a video, and we watched it again several times later, “wait, isn’t that Justin Bieber?”


Restaurant: Pretty much anything 🙂

Shop: Value Village. I love thrift shopping, the perfect combination of cheap and unique.

Books: I can’t name them all off the top of my head! The list would go on and on and on! Let’s start with My Heart and Other Black Holes, Everything Everything, and the Name of the Wind.

Shoes: I LOVE bright-coloured heels.


Feeling: Happy.

Single or Taken: As of a week ago… ENGAGED!!!!!! *Shouts from atop a mountain*


Eating: Just finished dinner (spicy grilled chicken thighs, peppers, and spinach on a whole-grain bagel with baby tomatoes on the side) and a glass of homemade iced tea.

Thinking about: Writing this post!

Watching: Myself type 🙂

Wearing: DIY sleeveless top (DIY in the sense that it was once a T-shirt before I cut off the sleeves and collar), gym shorts, and slippers.


Want Children: I love children. They are super cute and I’m sure they will bring fulfillment to my life. However, they seem to cost a lost of time, energy and money! How am I supposed to be a published writer and pole champion, while working full-time, if I have a kid (or two) on my plate? That being said, I do want children one day, just not today.

Want to be Married: Yup 🙂

Careers in Mind: Pharmacist (which I am now). I also want to be a published writer part time.

Where You Want to Live: West coast, with the mountains and the ocean.

Do you believe in

God: Depends on the day.

Miracles: Yes.

Love at First Sight: I believe that we can “click” with someone at first sight. There are people that we naturally get along with better than others. But love develops after years of commitment and mutual understanding.

Ghosts: No, but I am still terrified of them.

Aliens: Yes. There must be a planet out there with living creatures. But I am skeptical that they are anything like the aliens we imagine.


Soul Mates: Yes.

Heaven and Hell: No. The world is not black and white and it doesn’t make sense to divide people into good or bad.

Kissing on a First Date: Hasn’t happened to me.

Yourself: I believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to 🙂


I want to tag these wonderful peeps:

Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd

Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm

Lashaan @ Bookidote

Stella @ Stella’s Journey

Carl @ Scene from Afar

And YOU! Yes, you who are reading this post 🙂

Please don’t feel obligated to do this tag. If you have done this tag before, or don’t like to do tags, or are too busy to do this tag, that’s quite all right!




29 responses to “The Get to Know Me Tag!”

  1. Thanks for the tag! I actually did this one a little while ago. Here’s the link –
    CONGRATS on the engagement! That’s so exciting!!!

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    1. Haha I figured that you might have done this before! I will check out your tag as well!
      And thank you 🙂 I am very excited and happy!

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  2. Lovely answers, it was fun to get to know you a bit better! ❤ I love HIMYM (though I was so disappointed by the ending) and TBBT as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still haven’t seen the ending of HIMYM yet but I’ve been hearing that people didn’t like it, now I’m not sure if I want to watch it haha… TBBT is awesome, Sheldon is my favourite 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha well who knows, you might end up being in the minority and like the ending! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha true! I guess there is a chance 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your engagement! 🎉

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  4. Congratulations on your engagement Sophie 🙂

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    1. Thank you Vrinda! 🙂

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  5. Heeey! You’re a pharmacist, too! I know a TON of pharmacists. Must be where all the fun’s at! Hahaha! *is in a diff kind of science* :p

    And woman you should totally get a tattoo! Tattoos are awesome!!! (and addicting. You’ve been warned. 0.0)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! There is never a dull moment in pharmacy. I haven’t yet met a book blogger who is a pharmacist though!

      I love the idea of getting a tattoo but I am scared by the permanence of it…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! My SIL is a pharmacist! Her blog is She’s not a full book blogger, but she does reviews. 🙂 Perhaps you’d have something to talk about, if you’re looking for a book blogging pharmacist, that is. :p No pressure, though. 🙂

        Ah. Yes. There is that concept, which is why I make sure all of my tattoos mean something to me. My very first tattoo was a treble clef. I’ve played music for more than half my life and it is and always will be a part of who I am. Thus, I wanted to make that known. I wanted to have a piece of music with me always, even if there was none playing. Perhaps you can find something that means just as much to you, that you know will be with you always? Those are the tattoos people aren’t worried about keeping forever. 😀 (If you ever wanna chat it over again, or need some encouragement, I’m your woman!)

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      2. Thanks for sharing! Your SIL’s blog looks cool and I just followed her 🙂 I am always curious about other “druggies” haha…

        That’s awesome that your tattoos mean something to you. I definitely agree that we should find a meaningful design if we are keeping it for life! I think I am still figuring out what is meaningful for me 🙂 I will let you know when I do!

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      3. Hee hee! I’m sure she’ll be happy to meet you, as well. (P.s. She’s also writing a novel. 😉 )

        And do! I’d love to know what’s important to you. Tattoos can say a lot about people. 🙂

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      4. Ooh cool stuff! I’ll definitely check out her posts 🙂
        Thanks for dropping by Melanie 🙂

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      5. Absolutely! Glad to have met you, Sophie! I look forward to communicating in the future!

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  6. Hahahaha that drug dealer comment made me laugh XD AND THAT JUSTIN BIEBER STORY IS SO FREAKING COOL OMG!!! I’ve seen his videos on Youtube before he got famous but you ACTUALLY saw him in person? That’s awesome 😛

    Thanks so much for tagging me in this! I’ve only just realised that I’ve done it before: 🙂 Still, thank you for thinking of me ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I love telling the Bieber story 🙂 Glad you liked this post! I realized that you might have done this tag before but thanks anyway for checking out my post. I will take a look at yours too 🙂

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  7. Stella's Journey Avatar
    Stella’s Journey

    Thank you for tagging me! It was great to get to know you better via this post!

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    1. No problem! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  8. Congrats on your engagement! Drug dealer…that made me laugh. Modern Family is a hoot. I love feel-good comedy shows so much. Nice getting to know you more!

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    1. I love feel good comedies as well! Sometimes we need that after a long day 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

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  9. delphinethebabbler Avatar

    I love your answers here!
    Haha- I hope you’re able to get your tattoo soon and if you’re getting it on your back, it’s just about the least painful place to get it! I have two on my back, one on my wrist, and one on the back on my arm and I can definitely recommend to never do a tattoo on your wrist ! Most painful experience ever!
    Congrats on your engagement btw 🙂
    Drug Dealer – ahahhahhaha (still laughing)
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future Sophie 😀
    Happy Blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for the tattoo tips!! It is reassuring to know that the back is less painful – seems like a good place to start! Right now I am still not sure about the design but I will update you guys when I do get a tattoo haha 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad that you like this post!


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  10. Wonderful answers! Do you mind if I use your Get to Know Me Tag picture in my post? It’s my favorite of the versions I’ve seen around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure! I had taken it from someone else’s blog so it isn’t even mine. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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      1. Ah, good deal. Thanks for the read.

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