Thoughtful Thursday Quote #5: “Growing up”


“Maybe growing up means disappointing the people we love.”

― Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon

This is a quote that stuck with me as I read Everything, Everything. In the book, Maddy makes a difficult choice: She decides to listen to her heart and do what she truly wants, even if it means disappointing her mother. By doing this, Maddy learns to make decisions on her own and become her own person.

I never thought of growing up in the same way. For me, growing up means accepting responsibility for ourselves, emotionally and financially. It means taking ownership of our actions and becoming aware of their impact on others. It means being independent. Maybe growing up also means becoming a bit jaded, in which case I hope that a part of me will always remain a child.

Do you agree with this quote? What does growing up mean for you? Do you have a favourite quote?




PS. From now on, I will post a quote from a book every “Thoughtful Thursday”, not that we can’t be thoughtful every other day of the week 🙂

4 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday Quote #5: “Growing up””

  1. perhaps growing up has to do with accepting that we’ll always disappoint others?

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    1. That’s true, we can’t please everybody, and I do think that part of growing up is letting go of the need to please people. That is a thoughtful point!

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  2. Great quote. Have you seen the movie adaptation of that book, by the way? Growing up definitely has a lot of dimensions. I like to look at it as a process where we learn to make decisions that will sometimes be self-centered and learn to shake loose of other people’s restraints. I guess growing up can be seen differently from one person to another. And yes. I hope the child in me will never fade away. I definitely don’t want to lose it.

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    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment 🙂 I agree that growing up can lead to disappointing others through the choices we make, but what I mean to say is that for me it means much more than that. It definitely is different depending on the person! I haven’t seen the movie yet but it is on the radar. so far I’ve been hearing mixed reviews

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