The Unique Blogger Award

Hello everyone!

Happy Thursday! Today will be a short and sweet post. Melissa from The Bookish Wanderer wrote about the Unique Blogger Award tag. She offered to tag anyone who is interested – that’s when I decided to join in on the fun 🙂

Without further ado…

Question 1: What is the one movie that influenced your life the most?

Back when I was a kid, I loved the movie Mulan. Remember this girl?


I swear that I must have watched the movie at least 10 times (both the Chinese and the English versions.) I loved that it was based on a true story of a beautiful and strong woman who decided to take her father’s place in the army (although the plot has been Disney-ified). I also loved that it featured a strong heroine who is not only female, but Chinese, which I could identify with. She is also very kick-ass. She masquerades as a man to get into the army, and then she saves the country. She isn’t an overnight success, however. At first she is clumsy and uncoordinated and can barely lift water pails, but with hard work and perseverance, she is able to become one of the best fighters in the army. Mulan taught me that anything is possible if I put my mind to it, which is something that I strongly believe in today.

Question 2: What is something you’ve never done that you’ve always wanted to do?

My recent obsession is pole fitness. I am still a beginner, but I hope to one day participate in a pole dance competition. Here is one of the moves that made my jaws drop:

(That’s not me, by the way.)


It is called the “Jade”. Essentially the only thing that keeps you on the pole is the skin of your inner thigh and your belly. Crazy, I know. I am still in the beginner/intermediate level right now but I hope to get there some day.

Question 3: What’s your dream career?

Right now I work in the health care field, and that is what I will realistically be for a long time. I like what I do but there isn’t much room for creative expression, and I am a creative person.


I love writing. And my dream is to write books that people will read and get lost in. I am not too concerned about making money as a writer, because I want to focus on improving the quality of my writing first. For now I will keep my day job. Who knows? 🙂

I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag! Here are my questions for you:

  1. If were to choose one character from a book/movie that you are most similar to, who would it be?
  2. What are your goals for 2017? (Writing, reading, or otherwise.)
  3. What’s on your bucket list?

If you do this tag, please do let me know. I would love to read it 🙂





3 responses to “The Unique Blogger Award”

  1. Yay glad to read this! Pole fitness looks so cool, it looks like such a challenging but fun workout! :p Mulan is amazing and it’s great to hear that you identify with her. I watched those movies so much as a kid 🙂 Awesome post!

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    1. Haha yes that why I like pole. It’s fun and I don’t even realize I’m working out 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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