Find three hobbies you love


Interesting, isn’t it, that your first hobby should be the one that makes you money? I was struck when I read that, because I thought your hobby should be something that doesn’t make you money. Which begs the question, it possible to make money doing what you love? Or perhaps, we should learn to love whatever it is we happen to be doing to make money.

It is also a reminder to find balance in what you do, because it is important to make a living, stay fit, and be creative. There have been starving artists and writers who have produced excellent works, and perhaps desperate times spur creativity. But I am a firm believer in taking care of the body first (good diet and exercise in moderation) to make a happy place for the mind.

And lastly, focus. Upon reading the quote for the first time, I was incredulous. Three hobbies?! Just three?! Can’t a person like surfing and hiking and drinking coffee and trying new recipes at the same time? However, we all know that time is limited, and that if you love surfing, but you spend a good chunk of your time hiking and swimming and running and doing yoga, you wouldn’t be as great at surfing as if you had focused on surfing. (By the way, I can’t surf to save my life, literally, I think I would fall off the surfboard into deep waters.) What I learned from this quote is to focus my attention on the activities I really love.

My three hobbies right now:

I dispense drugs (of the legal sort) to make money. It’s tough stuff. One and half years after pharmacy school, I am still figuring out how to do my job. Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

Pole dancing helps me stay active. It is fun and a great workout that demands upper body strength (which I previously had none of). Hey, J Law does it.

Writing is my creative outlet. Currently, I have finished the third draft of my novel and about to start the fourth in 2 weeks. Still a diamond in the rough 🙂

What are your three hobbies? Do you have a hard time weeding it down to three (like me)? Or do you focus your time on a few things that you really enjoy?



10 responses to “Find three hobbies you love”

  1. In some way, isn’t pole dancing both creative and keep you in shape? In which case you are killing two stones with one birds 🙂

    Do we need to be good at a hobby in order to enjoy it?


    1. Yes, I suppose pole dancing is creative as well.

      I don’t think that we need to be good at a hobby to enjoy it. “Good” is also a relative term – how good is good? Is it good if I think it is good, or if everyone else thinks is good? I think hobbies are to be enjoyed, and I think it is the case for most people that they would enjoy something more, if they themselves perceive that they are somewhat good at it, or if they are on their way to becoming good at it.


  2. First hobby is supposed to be the one that makes us money huh? I’ve never heard that one before but it’s definitely a shocker. I like that you practice pole dancing. It’s definitely an art that blows my mind. Being able to hold on to the pole must demand some crazy core stamina too, on top of that upper body strength! Pretty amazing stuff that you embrace. 😉


    1. Thanks! Right now it’s a challenge trying to find time to do everything

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  3. Personally, I think that quote should be “find ATLEAST 3 hobbies”. Your hobbies are definitely interesting. My hobbie which fall into these categories would be taking long walks, reading and occasionally writing, as for the one that earns money would ideally be any hands on electronics project.

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    1. It’s definitely hard to narrow it down to just 3! That’s cool that you work with electronics. What do you make or fix?

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  4. As of now, just a few small diy projects apart from the project I did for my B.E course. Right now I’m preparing for an entrance exam for post graduation.

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    1. Nice 🙂 electronics are a mystery for me but that’s great that you can make things with them! Good luck on your entrance exam!

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